Stuffed with hatred

Muslim women shout “Filthy Jew,” “Shitty K*ke”  (Pamela Geller)

Islamic Jew-hatred, it’s in the quran. Obama say, “respect it!”

“At a coffee shop. Everyone is relaxed. This atheist guy (with a full beard) decides it’s safe to discuss the islamic veil with the two muslim women. Big mistake… He starts filming… They instantly start yelling, throwing things at him, then they start physically beating him, call him filthy jew, shitty kike race, etc. But it’s not over. Beyond the video, outside, they jump on him, throw him on the ground, start savagely beating him. A bunch of respectable muslims, family men and women are standing all around, watching, and encouraging them to beat up the dirty jew, yelling at him with their eyes popping out while he is on the ground being pounded, screaming at him to return to israel. He was lucky to get out of it with just bumps and bruises, they could’ve seriously hurt him. The poor guy was scared as hell.” (thanks to Barry)

UPDATE: More here: Two Muslim Women Attack Jewish Man in Montreal

A simple question by a Jewish man regarding a new controversial law in Quebec turned into a verbal and physical attack in Montreal

Canada’s Growing Islamic Radicalization 

The United States’ neighbor to the north is experiencing a radicalization problem, according to a confidential report by the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS). Made public earlier this year through a Freedom of Information Act request filed by Canada’s National Post, the report confirms that “Islamist extremists are now radicalizing Canadians at a large number of venues,” ranging from mosques to dinner parties and even the family home.

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  1. Its only a ‘tiny minority of excremists’, can’t paint all the worlds 1.5 gazillion Muslims with one broad brush, can’t put our ‘diversity’ at risk….

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