“Stupid, stupid, stupid”

Guest post by Geoff

Whipping Up Hysteria, Part III

Living in a Bubble


What is there not to like about living in tropical north Queensland and Cairns?

Beautiful seaside location, lush tropical plants and nearby the Daintree national park and of course the Port Douglas marina. Take a slow ride in the train up the mountains to Kuranda and explore the arts and craft shops then descend on the Skyrail and enjoy the magnificent panorama of the coastline and rainforest below.

What could possibly spoil this paradise?

Well, acts of extreme Islamophobia by spraying graffiti over the local mosque fence. The Cairns Post and of course the ABC are all over this story and local luminaries like Warren Entsch are fuming about this stain on our multicultural image. The crude painted signs implied that Muslims don’t integrate and we all know that is not true. All those separate toilets, washrooms and prayer rooms in public spaces are not signs of segregation but signs of Multiculturalism working, aren’t they?

We are admonished not to insult Islam or the ‘prophet’ Muhammad


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Insulting Christianity and Jesus is fine but we should take a lead from our Nobel prize winning President Barack Hussein Obama when he upstaged Ahmadinejad of Iran at the UN by telling us that “the future does not belong to those who insult the prophet of Islam.”


What is Islamophobia?

There is now a full scale search for those red-necked Islamophobes who have insulted the prophet of Islam and upset the whole Cairns community.

For those who do not know the definition of Islamophobia, here it is:

“Islamophobia in Europe today is just as rational as having icebergophobia on board the Titanic in 1912.”

Islamophobia is defined as when you tell the truth about Islam!

If you state the truth that Muslims don’t integrate, then you will be labelled as an Islamophobe, so get used to it.

Let us hear it from the experts.

So what is all the fuss about?

According to reports:

Imam Abdul Aziz arrived at the North Cairns mosque  on his 81st birthday only to discover offensive statements scrawled across the front gate.


The culprits called for worshippers to “integrate” or return to their “homelands”.

“It is upsetting,” Imam Aziz told The Cairns Post.

“Why do people do these things? We don’t interfere with anybody.”

This is what these Islamophobes did to the mosque fence in Cairns.

And this is what our Muslim neighbours did to a church in Pedang in Indonesia.

Our Muslim neighbours were not content to just spray-paint the walls of this church in Indonesia, they demolished it so those pesky Christians could not pray to their God who asks them to love one another and to treat their neighbours as they themselves want to be treated.

We can’t have all this equality in an Islamic country, can we?

  • Did the Cairns Imam Aziz speak out in rage at this violent act by his fellow Muslims? NO.
  • Did the Cairns Post run stories about this “Christianophobia” that was stupid, stupid, stupid? NO.
  • Did the ABC report this destruction and complain that Christians have been unfairly treated? NO.

Of course, Indonesia now provides us with our new Australians on leaky boats, so it is best we don’t upset our neighbours in case the get very cross and stop asking for billions in aid from Australia.

Actually, destroying churches is a regular occurrence in moderate Indonesia as our Muslims friends remind us of just how much respect they have for Christianity, our major religion.

But what does Islamic scripture say?

I must admit that Imam Aziz seems peaceful enough. He was born and raised here, and hey, he also speaks with an Australian twang, so he would avoid teaching all those nasty bits in Islamic scripture, right? So I reached for my trusty Quran, the hadith of Bukhari and the Sunni book of Islamic law, the Reliance of the Traveller and started reading.

From the Quran I noticed in Sura 3:28

Let not the believers take for friends or helpers Unbelievers rather than believers: if any do that, in nothing will there be help from Allah. 

And from Sura 5:51

O ye who believe! take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors: They are but friends and protectors to each other

Then in Sura 40:35 I read that Allah and his believers (Muslims) must greatly hate the kafir or unbeliever, and there are over 22 million Australians who are kafir and must be hated.


The Quran clearly states that Muslims must hate unbelievers and not befriend or help them.

Moreover, Islamic law states in Law59.2 on page 1015 that Muslims must be ruthless to the unbeliever and detest them.

Opening the book of Islamic law to page 599, I started reading law O9.0.

It states that Jihad means a “war to establish the religion (Islam)” and that it is a communal obligation for Muslims to engage in Jihad. It refers to Quranic verses which call for Muslims to slay the unbeliever wherever you find them and to fight the idolater utterly.

Islamic law clearly asks Muslims to fight and kill unbelievers until Islam prevails.

Does our peaceful Imam in Cairns teach this stuff? Did the Cairns Post ask him if he did?

Next I started to read the hadith collection of Bukhari which is the next in status to the Quran and is revered by all Muslims.

In volume 2 number 594, Mohammed states that the best duty for a Muslim is to engage in Jihad and in volume 1 number 331 Mohammed claimed that using terror made him victorious.

Thinking about this, I realised that because Muslims see Mohammed as the best example to follow, then of course, they should dedicate themselves to Jihad and use terror to be successful. And they do, as we now know.

Flying planes into the world trade center in New York is a defining act of Jihad using terror, as is blowing up the Atocha train station in Madrid and London buses and the Underground as they did in July 2005.

From this small sampling from Islamic scripture, it is very clear that:

  • Scripture calls for Muslims to hate unbelievers and not befriend them
  • Scripture calls for Jihad based on killing to make Islam the only religion
  • Mohammed gave the perfect example of using terror to win victory
  • Recent history establishes clearly that Muslims are following these dictates.

So why does Imam Aziz not publicly state the true intentions of Islam?

I then turned back to the book of Islamic law for my answer.

On page 745 under law r8.2 it states that lying is obligatory if the goal is obligatory.


Imam Aziz is clearly a good Muslim and knows what is obligatory.

Now we can all trot off to the next Interfaith meeting, enjoy cups of tea with Halal biscuits and pretend we all worship the same God.

Life is dreamy when you live in a bubble.


A comment from Jack:

Andree Stephens needs to chill out after writing her extraordinary stupid opinion piece “When Stupid is Beyond Stupidity” for the Cairns Post. Abusive graffiti appears regularly on synagogues and churches around the nation and not a word appears in print; the cleaners get to work, remove it and we move on.
In this case Stephens has made out as there has been a racist attack of overwhelming proportions that we need to know about, so we can rush to the defence of Muslims, who are supposedly being viciously insulted. Oddly she is overly concerned about a spelling mistake in the wording.
Perhaps she should digest the meaning of the words used and realize that perhaps the scribe of those heated words “Integrate or fuck off & enjoy the liberties of your homelands” has a real bee in his bonnet that needs to be addressed.

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