What Japan Should Not Do

Japanese gov”t to support halal food exports to Muslim countries

Muslim con artists keep hammering home the message that there is a market of 1.5 gazillion consumers out there. They never tell their gullible, western counterparts that 75% of Muslim countries can’t feed themselves and that similar numbers of their people subsist on less than a dollar a day. This is yet another effort to get Japan to import hardcore muselmaniacs for the halal certification racket, who will then demand moques, madrases and special accommodation for the “rapidly growing muslim community”, which we have seen elsewhere.

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TOKYO, Oct 31 (KUNA) — The Japanese government plans to step up support for exports of agricultural products by subsidizing the construction of facilities that meet the religious rules of Muslim countries in the Middle East and Asia, where Japanese foods are becoming more popular, a top-selling business daily here reported Thursday.
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s growth strategy calls for Japan to double its agricultural exports — focusing on beef, fruit and vegetables — to JPY 1 trillion (USD 10.3 billion) by 2020.
The government plans to pay up to half the cost to make food processing facilities in Japan compliant with halal or Islamic dietary rules, the Nikkei Shimbun said. The program is aimed at helping local governments and agricultural cooperatives meet halal standards, as food exports to Islamic countries must be compliant with religious law.
The government hopes to increase Japan’s exports of beef to JPY 25 billion (USD 260 million) by 2020, from JPY 5.1 billion (USD 53 million) last year, by increasing production of halal beef to Muslim-majority countries such as Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Malaysia, the daily said. At present, most beef exported from Japan is consumed in Hong Kong and Thailand, with several million yen’s worth going to the United Arab Emirates.
The government also hopes to expand exports of fruit to JPY 25 billion (USD 260 million) by 2020, up from JPY 8 billion (USD 82 million) in 2012. It aims to help establish cold-storage facilities to facilitate agricultural exports, the newspaper added. (end) mk.gta KUNA 311252 Oct 13NNNN

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  1. Bad move Japan – the halal “indusry” is just a cheap muslim money grabbing scheme – about the only thing these parasites are good at.

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