Yasser Arafartbastard: still dead after all these years

That terrorist son of a bitch died of AIDS.

But every muselmaniac will tell you that he knew, he just knew, all along, that the Jews did it.

Arafat Polonium Resurrection Is Junk Science   (Israellycool)

“More soap opera than science” 


But you knew he was gonna come back to haunt us: after an endless song and dance, the grieving ‘wife’ Suha, billionairess living in Paris, and the supporters of Fatah, our moderate peace partners, finally seem to have the result they paid for:


“Palestinian” leader Arafat was likely assassinated with radioactive polonium: Swiss forensic tests

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat was poisoned to death in 2004 with radioactive polonium, his widow Suha said on Wednesday after receiving the results of Swiss forensic tests on her husband’s corpse.

“We are revealing a real crime, a political assassination,” she said.

It is absolutely certain that the cause of his illness was polonium poisoning

A team of experts, including from Lausanne University Hospital’s Institute of Radiation Physics, opened Arafat’s grave in the West Bank city of Ramallah last November, and took samples from his body to seek evidence of alleged poisoning.

Meanwhile, over at “Al-Quds University”

Scenes yesterday afternoon from a “moderate” Palestinian university - 

Campus scenes yesterday at Al-Quds University. The Western-funded university authorities regularly tolerate such Fascist-style displays by students, some of whom have then gone on to attack Jewish civilians. – (Tom Gross has more)


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