Brother Anjem Tells the Truth, Mohammedans and Their Fellow Travellers Throw Hissy Fits

UK: Libtards shriek over BBC’s airtime for Anjem Chaudrey

THE BBC is under fire again for giving air time to the radical cleric Anjem Choudary after two self-styled jihadists were convicted of the murder of fusilier Lee Rigby. 

Chaudary is our best friend. He tells the truth!


Anyone who believes he represents an extremist fringe is deluded. Brother Anjem knows his Islam. That he doesn’t engage in taqiyya, religiously mandated lying, makes him almost sympathetic. Anjem tells the truth, and that scares multicultural pop tarts.  Because it rattles their windows and gives them nightmares, as it should. Britain (and Europe) must withdraw sanction to the soldiers of allah, otherwise their kids will live under sharia.

We’ve heard enough from Anjem Choudary  (Not nearly…)

In the wake of the Woolwich murder of soldier Lee Rigby, radical Islamists are given publicity because the media is attracted to extremists

Hate preacher Anjem Choudary ‘encouraged young British Muslims to fight for Al Qaeda in Syria’

  • Investigation finds the London-based extremist encouraged Brits join cells
  • It is alleged 80 of his UK supporters are currently fighting in Syria
  • Report by Hope Not Hate says Choudary is a ‘serious player’ in international Islamism

Daily Mail

4 thoughts on “Brother Anjem Tells the Truth, Mohammedans and Their Fellow Travellers Throw Hissy Fits”

  1. Although Toejam Chowderhead is the most despicable person on the planet, he is Islam in our faces. He is exactly what we will get when Muslims take over. The streets will be ankle deep in the blood of liberal dhimmis and monsters like Choudary won’t even notice. No, liberals, he will not be your big mutual a**-kissing buddy, he will be your worst nightmare in real life.

  2. Indeed. At least Andy will tell you the truth about the real Islam. Much more preferable to the “Islam is peace and tolerant” pimps.

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