Charlie’s Bridges

Prince Charles spend some ‘twenty years’ trying to ‘build bridges between Islam and Christianity and (to) dispel ignorance and misunderstanding.’

Sadly, he has concluded that this noble endeavour was in vain….. (Rod Liddle)


Maajid Nawaz and Ghaffar Hussain are given a soapbox by CNN to portray muselmanic head choppers as victims of “challenges and  dual-marginalisation from a very early age”.

 Maajid Nawaz is co-founder and chairman of Quilliam, a think tank formed to combat extremism infidel resistance to Islam in society, and the author of “Radical.” Ghaffar Hussain is Qulliam’s head of research. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely theirs.

They are just doing their Islamic duty to deceive the kafirs.


 “More attacks to come”

The younger brother of one of the Islamic extremists who hacked Drummer Lee Rigby to death has warned of more attacks to come, saying: “for every violent action, is a violent reaction.”

Koran Kisser

UK: Jihad murderer of British soldier on London street smiles and kisses Qur’an as he is led from court

Muslim groups in the UK condemn the murder. That’s great. But are they teaching in the mosques against the understanding of Islam that led to the murder?