Cultural Marxism

Obama spokesturd lies about how Obama lies

lost-uncle-omar-weeksNo worries. CNN commentator LZ Granderson says it’s okay for Obama to lie, because “we can deal with the lies that President Obama tells us.”–Obama Comes Clean on Uncle Omar (Moonbattery)

Obummer sponsored by Marxists?

Obama is the nightmare the constitution was supposed to protect us from:

George Washington University law professor and MSNBC regular Jonathan Turley is no right-winger. But Obama scares him — and for the right reasons.– Obama Is the Danger the Constitution Was Designed to Protect Us From

Obama misunderstands his religion completely:

Obama: I didn’t unleash the IRS dogs on conservatives

Palin: the U.S. Constitution was written by and for moral and religious people

Judge misunderstands Islam completely

In the UK, two members of a vigilante group calling itself the ‘Muslim patrol’ were sentenced today:

‘My understanding is that Islam is a peaceful religion and this conduct was unfortunately anything but.’ —More on the “islam is peace” narrative at MailOnline thanks to Mullah (pbuh)

UK is dying from “Cultural Marxism”

One thought on “Cultural Marxism”

  1. Here’s a great article on the origins of “Cultural Marxism” in the West.

    My only quibbles about that article are that calling ‘Political Correctness’ “Cultural Marxism” is wholly inaccurate and limited in that it pretends lying extortion originated fairly recently with one Karl Marx, Esq. when of course it goes back forever (see also Muhammad’s “islam”).


    Political correctness = factual incorrectness (lying; fraud; crime). We can add slander to that, and extortion, because they pretend if they didn’t lie, then the rest of their group might makes right gang (including the rest of us) would get them for not going along with it.

    Morality is very simple: the Golden Rule of law which defines it can be most easily put as “Do Not Attack First.” By agreeing to this, we get trust, progress, and civilization. Everything is thus forbidden, except for that which is specifically allowed by mutual consent.

    Our only real right is to not be attacked first, and our only responsibility is to not attack (thereby innocent) others first.

    Liberals, like their moslem brethren, hold the exact opposite: That all is allowed unless very specifically legislated against, so they can maintain their false right to remain irresponsibly wrong. And obviously and predictably, from this they get distrust, stagnation, and barbarism.

    Liberals are all about false “ethics” – which is only the endless list of who, what, when, where, why and how to excuse yourself once you’ve decided to break that one and only first Golden Rule of Law and morality; ethics are for people without morality.


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