France begs Europe for help to contain the Islamic expansion project in Africa

But Fwance is bwoke and ignorant. There is no will and no support for what needs to be done:

France begs Europe for help on the ground with fighting in its former African colonies as bloodshed escalates

  • French foreign minister says fighting is escalating in CAR and Mali
  • France also wants a European fund for emergencies in Africa
  • But public are turning against Hollande’s overseas intervention

article-2524159-19FB09E200000578-38_634x504French troops detain a suspected rebel officer, preventing Christian mobs from lynching him near the airport in Bangui earlier this month

France is pleading for troops from across Europe to bolster its peace-keeping effort in the war-torn Central African Republic.

However, the UK has rejected any on-the-ground intervention to halt the escalating bloodshed between Muslim rebels who ousted president Francois Bozize and Christian militia.

As France’s efforts to control growing violence in its former colony lose support at home after the deaths of two soldiers, its government will this week also urge EU countries to back the establishment of a fund to bankroll support for armies in unstable African countries. (Daily Mail)