France should ‘allow headscarves, Arabic in schools’

Leftist tossers from the Sorbonne suggest France should cease to be France:

France should ‘allow headscarves, Arabic in schools’

In other words, France should submit to Islam and get it over with.

France should reverse decades of strict secularism to integrate its immigrant population better, allowing Muslims to wear headscarves in schools and promoting Arabic teaching, according to an iconoclastic report commissioned by the prime minister.

The document, part of a government review of integration policy, sparked an outcry among conservative opposition politicians and unease among the governing Socialists.

It said France, with Europe’s largest Muslim population, should recognise the “Arab-oriental dimension” of its identity, for example by changing street and place names, rewriting its history curriculum and creating a special day to honour the contribution of immigrant cultures. (source)

eb94ddd2035c29b9f783c4ad680c1c8bab2f44652bba9785e7aa4d45e847dc82There is no Muslim country in the world that adheres to the principles of the French Republic, and there never will be. The hypocrisy of the the invading Muslim hordes is breathtaking.

Although ethnic statistics are officially banned, an estimated 5 million Muslims, originating mostly from former African colonies such as Algeria and Morocco, live in France. (At least 8 million Muslims are now in France. When it suits the Musulman, the downplay their numbers; when they threaten, they claim the whole Mustard ummah consists of 2 billion Koranimals ready to murder us.)


Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, who will chair a ministerial meeting next month on improving integration based partly on the report, told reporters there was no plan to drop the headscarf ban and distanced himself from the study.

“Just because I receive a report doesn’t make it government policy,” Ayrault said after the daily Le Figaro drew attention to the document, which was posted on the prime minister’s official website last month.


Among the proposals presented by senior civil servant Thierry Tuot and a group of “experts” was to forbid authorities and the media to refer to people’s nationality, religion or ethnicity, and the creation of a new offence of “racial harrassment”.

(This defeatist rubbish is concocted in the ivory towers of the Sorbonne, a Marxist title mill that has churned out French “leaders” for generations.)

They also recommended promoting the teaching of Arabic and African languages in French schools.

Sarkozy already said “Arabic is the language of the future”. Its not that they don’t know that they are doing away with themselves.

Ayrault said the aim was to recommend ways to fight discrimination and inequality to “get the republican model of integration working again because it has broken down”.

There is no place in the world where submission works. Islam seeks to conquer. It destroys the host.

Centre-right UMP party leader Jean-Francois Cope accused the government of pandering to the immigrant vote and denounced “an attempt to make multiculturalism the new model for France”.

“It would no longer be up to immigrants to adopt French culture, but for France to abandon its own culture, language, history and identity to adapt to other people’s cultures,” he said in a statement.

Far-right National Front leader Marine Le Pen said implementing the recommendations would be tantamount to “a declaration of war on the French people”.

A spokesman for Socialist lawmakers, Thierry Mandon, said a distinction should be drawn between a healthy overall approach and some “extremist proposals”, stressing there was no question of repealing a 2006 law that banned the wearing of headscarves and other religious symbols in schools.

All this violence and savagery because the French dare to want to preserve the character of French society, and have one law for all people in France.

France experienced a wave of youth riots in 2005 in poor, high-rise suburbs where many immigrants are concentrated, prompting calls for greater government action to improve the social and economic integration of young people of immigrant origin.

No. The Muslim riots are constant.  France is experienced a jihad and the French didn’t have the guts to defend themselves then and they still cannot face the music now.

A tradition of republican secularism rooted in the 1789 French revolution and reinforced by the separation of church and state at the start of the 20th century has faced uncomfortable challenges from a growing Muslim minority.

BS.  “Uncomfortable challenges?” France is in a war for its existence, nothing less. 

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Denmark is currently the scene of a free speech court case after a teenage rap poet criticized the country’s Muslim immigrant community. He’s not your average critic, he’s an 18-year-old Palestinian Muslim.

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