“Fresh Gunfire” and the “True Teachings of Islam”

Whatever is happening in Bangladesh is in sharp contrast to the true teachings of Islam.

No shiite.

Pakistan’s polio workers targeted for killing

Thirty-one people have been killed in attacks on health workers since July 2012.

Since July 2012, 31 people have been killed in Taliban-led attacks on anti-polio campaigners in Pakistan.

Most recently, two policemen providing security to polio vaccinators in Swabi were killed when gunmen on a motorbike attacked them. In a separate incident, unidentified gunmen opened fire on polio workers in Peshawar, killing one.—Polio campaigners abducted in Pakistan


Claude Anet: Through Persia in a Motor-Car,  1907


Living in the midst of a fanatical and hostile population, Jews in Persia are reduced to the last extremity of degradation. Nearly all trades are forbidden to them; everything they touch is considered defiled. They cannot even live in the house of a Mussulman. There is very little justice in Persia for anybody—for the Jews there is none at all. Every possible exaction is practiced on them; nobody takes their part; and they live in appalling poverty, while their moral and physical degradation is beyond description.

Claude Anet on the Consequences for Jews Living Amongst a “Fanatical and Hostile” Persian Shiite Population, Circa 1905  (Andrew Bostom)

Africa Jihad: “Fresh Gunfire”

Fresh gunfire rang out in South Sudan’s capital early on Tuesday, forcing thousands of people to seek refuge at UN premises in the capital Juba, diplomats aid. Gunfire forcing people to seek refuge at UN mission in Juba, a day after a coup was foiled.

Thousands flee South Sudan violence

Central African Republic  chaos escalates far beyond capital

Child soldiers and razed villages mark the latest violence across the Central African Republic.

“All the children we have with us are ready to fight,” said one of the vigilante leaders. “We are overwhelmed. When things are tough, you have to shoot back and cause fear to save yourself.”


UN: Over 1,000 killed in Boko Haram attacks

The UN death toll excludes insurgents killed during targeted military operations.

Mandelamania: he’s dead, get over it!


5 thoughts on ““Fresh Gunfire” and the “True Teachings of Islam””

  1. I had an inkling that the takeover in CAR by muslims may have had a connection to Bashir in Northern Sudan. In fact, Nigeria’s Boko Haram, CAR and Bashir may probably all be tied together.

  2. Bashir is supporting Uganda’s rebellion as well. It seems to me that these conflicts are all tied to Omar Bashir.

  3. I have been wondering about Salva Kiir’s cosy relationship with Bashir. Are they working on reunification of the two countries? Or is this just a case of Salva going the usual way of the African “big man”?

  4. PG,
    What article(s) have you read re. Salva Kiir’s relationship to Bashir ?

    Though having read precious little, makes me think that Riek Machar is the troublemaker, as well as the more likely to be Bashir’s pawn.

    Riek married a second wife (Emma McCune) making him a polygamist, in line with Islamic values. That aside, I think that had he been genuinely in love with wife as well as country, he could have made a real positive difference in South Sudan’s children through education. He could have chosen to become the educational Czar of Sudan and forever be known for the positive and wonderful changes he would have made possible, using Emma as a central international figure to bring real change to the kids in South Sudan.

    What else could he have wanted! A beautiful wife, a position to directly change the future, and the joy of seeing it happen…

    and yet he chose rebellion, more hardships for the South Sudanese, and ultimately also pulled Emma into the quagmire he created.

    Hence, I tend to think that someone else was/is doing the thinking for him…Bashir.

  5. Steiner: Muslims can have up to four wives, but Southern Sudanese can have as many as they can afford. Polygamy isn’t always “Islamic”.
    What articles did I read? Too many, but none specifically.
    But for example, why did Salva encourage Muslims to “spread Islam” in SS? Why did he agree, after “independence”, to the “four freedoms” deal which would benefit Sudan and expose SS to more Islam? Why do he and Bashir have to hug each other so warmly when they meet?
    But Bashir has keener southern stooges than Salva.

    Emma died long ago, and she also was drawn into the politicking. It is unavoidable over there; very intense. Riek couldn’t do so much as he was only VP and despite his talent, people never forget 1991. But I’m a Riek man myself, and I would far prefer to see him as President than Salva.
    Having said that though, the “coup” was a fake, orchestrated by his enemies. Riek would not stage a coup and allow all his bodyguards to be killed and plenty of others besides.

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