Islamic ‘Obedient Wives Club’ Opens London Branch, To Promote “Islamic Sex, Fighting Against Jews To Return Islamic Sex To The World.”

Spit. *&%$#. You couldn’t make it up:


Billed as an international Islamic organization dedicated to teaching wives the joy of “submitting” to their husbands — and in fact act “better than a first-class prostitute” in the bedroom — “The Obedient Wives Club” has opened a new operating branch in London.

Obedient Wives was founded by Global Ikhwan group which claims polygamy will lead to a harmonious society.

The club has allegedly even published an explicit 115-page sex manual with the strange title: “Islamic Sex, Fighting Against Jews To Return Islamic Sex To The World.” Yes, even in the bedroom, the Islamic sex-manual mentions a fight against the Jewish people.

The group, which has branches in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and Jordan is now said to be running its U.K. operation out of a Greenwich neighborhood restaurant/ The Submissive Wives Club, London, is slated to host a debate on polygamy Wednesday evening.

London’s Evening Standard adds:

Ikhwan vice-president Rohaya Mohamad has claimed women could “curb social ills” by serving their husbands “better than a first-class prostitute”.

Members of the group, which is run from a Greenwich restaurant, will appear at a debate about polygamy in London tonight. They say they want to show Muslims in Britain that the practice can work. But Sara Khan, director of Muslim women’s charity Inspire, said: “Polygamy is illegal under British law and such a club would reduce a woman to a mere prop in a man’s life. Not only does it demean women, it is demeaning to men too and the institution of marriage.”

[…] Founder Mohd Ali said there were “misconceptions” about polygamy: “We want to share our experience to show it can work. One of the problems in Malaysia [was] there are men who might keep a mistress or go with someone else because they don’t have a satisfactory married life.”

With the Islamization of Europe forever a concern among Western societies, an Obedient Wives Club branch operating in London is bound to cause its share of controversy.

8 thoughts on “Islamic ‘Obedient Wives Club’ Opens London Branch, To Promote “Islamic Sex, Fighting Against Jews To Return Islamic Sex To The World.””

  1. So basically, Leftists automatically hate anything to do with Western civilisation and love anything that threatens Western civilisation.

    Just more evidence that Leftism is a mental disorder.

  2. Really, all you need to know to understand, Muslim thinking on women and marriage are in the words “serving” and “better than a prostitute.”

    The attitude towards women is very clear. There is no misunderstanding.

    The self absorption of Muslim men talking about a lack of satisfaction in the married life causes one to wonder what outlet, does the dissatisfied wife get?

  3. This is old news. The London Branch story is two years old. We sent a web developer out to Malaysia to try to obtain this book last year to no avail. Obedient Wives Club has since changed it’s name due to the negative press. It couldn’t even gain foothold in neighboring Singapore.

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