Let it snow!

Cairo Suffers ‘Globull Worming’ Attack:

Five years ago:

Al Gore predicted the North Polar Ice Cap would be completely ice free in five years.

It isn’t. (Tim Blair: AL LIED, POLE UNFRIED)

Egyptian capital sees snowfall for the first time in 112 YEARS


Snow in Syria

Wintery storms have swept across Syria forcing roads and schools to close and blanketing refugee camps with snow.

4.siSyria: “Some people are being shot and others are being beheaded. They include Christians, Alawites, Druse and Shiites.”

Never Enough:

‘France is failing in its duty to Syrian refugees’

With Europe braced for a “massive influx” of Syrian refugees, a leading expert tells The Local there is a “moral crisis” in France over asylum-seekers, and that the government “hasn’t done enough” to meet its obligations and help Syrians fleeing conflict in their home country.

Snow in Israel:

Massive storm shuts down Jerusalem; Gaza crossing …


Utter Gibberish From South Africa:

Deaf Interpreter Fiasco Blamed on Apartheid


When you turn over a country to be run by Third Worlders on an Affirmative Action basis, you can expect comical yet alarming situations like the admittedly violent self-described schizophrenicThamsanqa Jantjie hand-signing utter gibberish at the side of world leaders at the Nelson Mandela memorial shindig. When you turn over the media to moonbats, you can expect such events to be blamed on whites for being racist. A laugh riot ensues when WaPo’s Caitlin Deweyattempts to characterize the fiasco as a “consequence of apartheid”: (Moonbattery)


Fake Mandela Interpreter also a Rapist, Murderer and Really Well Connected

The media is blaming this on incompetence. And sure South Africa is really badly run. Really, really badly run. But when a man gets a plum post and his police records vanish, there’s a much more obvious explanation.

Thamsanqa Jantjie is well-connected within the African National Congress. (Daniel Greenfield.)

Muhammad didn’t have Christmas trees either

Obummer in  the mullah’s pocket?

AWFUL! Obama Regime Admits Iran Will Get $20 Billion from Sanctions Relief – Not $7 Billion

Obama rejected calls from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu amid tensions over his Iranian peace deal. Then Obama told Netanyahu to pipe down about  the historic mistake. (GWP)

The result is in:

Enraged over new sanctions, Iranians abruptly pull out of nuke talks

They said they would do this, and now they have. But it is all for show: they know Obama is an easy mark, and that he so desperately wants this deal that he will respond to this by giving in to their demands. (JW)

PuffHo Obamabots Declare Trump ‘Insane’

Trump: ‘Incompetent’ Obama Admin Failed Christian Pastor Jailed by Iran

 “Oppressed Farmer” Farraklown:


Corruption of Color

Of every authoritarian system of government yet devised, rule by political correctness may be the most audaciously corrupt, because once a group has been established as “oppressed,” ruling class members of that group can loot the public treasury at will with little if any attention from the media or law enforcement authorities. …

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