Londonistan: ‘disaffected and demonised gangs of black youths making conversions at gunpoint’

Al Jizz makes it sound as if it was  a “black thing”

Muslims pray at the Central London mosqueIslam’s ability to empower is a magnet to black British youths (The Guardian)

Islam is quickly emerging as the religion of choice for young black people, many raised as Christians, in the UK.

Al Jizz is delighted that there is “massive growth” in the Muslim population since 2004.  Converts are the most idealistic and the most hardline activists, and most of them are recruited in prison.

Its only because  “many black people continue to experience discrimination and marginalisation on a daily basis, and in which young black men are being criminalised and jailed in ever greater numbers”.

If they weren’t engaged in criminal activities they might not be criminalised and jailed. But don’t mention it; with Islam and multiculti comes the abandonment of reason.

Stop and search causes black Muslim terrorists:

“Black youths were six times more likely than white youths to be stopped and searched by police…”

“…disaffected and demonised gangs of black youths targeted and converted  rival gang members at gunpoint…”

Simon Hooper for Al Jizz has more

3 thoughts on “Londonistan: ‘disaffected and demonised gangs of black youths making conversions at gunpoint’”

  1. islam is demonic – any additional “demonisation” of its “vulnerable”, “marginalised” converts is redundant.

  2. I’m wondering when it will happen here: Sudanese Christians’ kids – the kids of people fleeing from Islam – are attracted to the US gangster culture and this will lead them to Islam, the religion of “power.”

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