Milking ‘White Guilt’

Attention Seeker:
Congratulations to the liberal media/government establishment on finding a man bites dog story it can hype to turn the epidemic of black on white violence on its head:  a knockout whitey!

The Justice Department’s decision to charge a white man with a federal hate crime for a “knockout game”-style attack against a black victim has raised questions about why the administration waited until now to speak up on cases that, for months, largely have involved white victims.

Now that Phil Robertson’s suspension has been lifted, maybe black “leaders” can start addressing the real issues facing the community, rather than race-baiting 24/7


The DOJ has finally charged a knockout game suspect – who is white.

I’m glad the DOJ has stepped forward, but what took so long? And why this case?  Does Eric Holder’s inaction regarding previous crimes involving blacks attacking whites actually reflect his own hate crime?


 Islam is not a race, Muslims are NOT a race

(so how can one be a racist). It’s a political doctrine in the guise of ‘religion’. You can’t be racist against a political doctrine or against a ‘religion’.




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  1. We have the media here in UK keeping the ”knockout game” incident alive and kicking and the only reason that is ,and it’s pretty obvious why,the perpretrator was white and the victim black otherwise it wouldn’t have been given a look in.As you all know when the boot is on the other foot it’s not classed as a ”hate crime” but a normal criminal act and all the traitors and real racists squirm from under there stones with excuses,excuses and of course it’s whitey fault…well implicating it.

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