Obama Regime Calls For More Gun Control After Arapahoe School Shooting

Never let a crisis go to waste.

Arapahoe High gunman held strong political beliefs, classmates said

200x185xpierson-shooter1.jpg.pagespeed.ic.ZfYdc7H72q“Strong political beliefs” omits the fact that he was an unhinged socialist. We are not supposed to know that. Instead, we get more BS about gun control:

First, the Denver Post reported this:

After thinking things over, the Denver Post decided to delete the fact that Arapahoe School shooter Kark Pierson was a committed socialist from their news report:

The teenage gunman who entered Arapahoe High School on Friday afternoon and shot two fellow students with a shotgun mocked Republicans on Facebook:

 “you republicans are so cute” and posting an image that reads: “The Republican Party: Health Care: Let ’em Die, Climate Change: Let ’em Die, Gun Violence: Let ’em Die, Women’s Rights: Let ’em Die, More War: Let ’em Die. Is this really the side you want to be on?”–Read more:  The Denver Post

Typical for the Obama regime, every murder is used to disarm law-abiding citizens:

 Dirty Harry:

Americans still seem willing to give a pass to the disaster in the White House.

Let me begin with a categorical statement that, given current events and recent political history, can be easily defended: Barack Hussein Obama is a willful, indoctrinated child of the Left with strong Islamic sympathies who is not fit to govern. Indeed, he would not be fit to govern Lower Slobovia, let alone the United States of America. Obama is a historic disaster of the first magnitude and, if not restrained, he will see to the irrevocable decline of the country which foolishly elected him, leaving the world on the brink of a conflict — or in the midst of one — whose repercussions cannot be underestimated. (More from PJ Media, tip from BCF)

4 thoughts on “Obama Regime Calls For More Gun Control After Arapahoe School Shooting”

  1. Brilliant.

    Man who mocks gun violence….commits …gun..violence.

    Liberalism as demonstrated by Mr. Pierson, is a mental disorder.

  2. Denver Post, can’t possibly know what is in the mind of the shooters friend or what they did or did not mean directly.

    Rather, then censoring and obfuscate, the DP should have done their job and investigated this area of contention.

    But, they won’t because they are Left (Socialist) leaning apologist.

  3. ALL “socialists” are already CRIMINALS – they believe in “wealth redistribution” (i.e: THEFT) and pre-emptively “defensive” group-might-made “rights” (extortion; “activist agitation”).

    When their poster-child, Adolf Hitler, was defeated, they couldn’t admit defeat along with his creed, so they blamed the ‘Nationalist’ part of his ‘National Socialism,’ for his many crimes, as if mere pride in the history of one’s country of geographical origin was in itself a dangerous motivating factor for attacking one’s neighbours, if not an actual crime in itself!

    Statists of both parties (conformists; collectivist group-might-makes-rights-oriented extortionist gangsters) always reverse the onus of proof to guilty until never proven innocent – asserting that people need a strong invasive all-encompasing goverment force in their lives, to micro-manage them, because humans are all fallible weak helpless victims and so also potentially disfunctional criminals. Humans can’t be trusted, so large gangs of fallible, disfunctional, untrustworthy humans is the obvious solution! Which explains the Globalization push.

    We must stop people from pretending there are group rights at all. When groups have rights, those not in those groups have LESS rights, and so all such laws discriminate against real individual human citizens; they are illegal “laws.” Government is us – it’s our largest, bulk-buying best priced collectively-owned insurance company; those we hire (‘elect’) to run it, are supposed only to maintain it and defend our collective needs, never cater to private wants, and so it’s certainly NOT their job to sell it all off, especially not to our self-declared enemies, by buying their money!

    Fred Bastiat noted something like “We all have the natural right to self-defense; bad laws are those which try to deprive us of that right.”

    Liberals always insist only groups have rights, and so the only defense we need is the government; ergo, we must, in stead, all strive to learn to become better victims. It’s our civic duty! Whee!

    The only real ‘rule’ of morality and civilization is the Golden Rule of Law, which is simply: “Do Not Attack First.” All sub-sequent laws should be based on this. That way, the only real right anyone has, is to not be attacked first, and our only real responsibility is to not attack innocent others first.

    Thus we as real human individuals have a natural right to self-defense. Especially from gangs.

    By agreeing to this one simple rule, we achieve trust, progress, and civilization.

    By idolatrously pretending to defend our false group-might-made “rights,” we can falsely and pre-posterously “justify” ourselves in attacking innocent others “in response” to historical grievances suffered by someone else (but members of “our group” – right OR WRONG)! This is how and why idolatrous liberals (and moslems) sell tribal group rights and ignore basic individual human rights, endorsing the false brazen rule of chaos, where they declare their tribal group-god insists only they have the right and duty to always attack all the non-members of their gangs first – from which they inflict on themselves and everyone else, distrust, stagnation, and barbarism … the true jungle law of “might makes right” and mob-rule: the gangsters’ criminal extortion rackets.

    “All minorities were decimated into that status by oppressive majorities! Always!”

    “We have to let the violent criminals do what they want to us, or else they’ll do what they want to us anyway!”

    “We must all learn to Submit to extortion and learn to become better victims, thus maintaining the imaginary moral high ground!”

    By endorsing group rights, any criminal has an automatic alibi for their crimes, if they can pre-posterously claim “retaliation” for something that once happened anywhere to anyone even only vaguely or remotely “like them.”

    Then they can always claim “acting under mental duress of institutional oppression” excuses.

    Which is basically just another variant on the institutional systematic procedural favorite:

    “I didn’t do it – ONLY The GROUP did it! Whee!” always endorsed by corporate government types!

    The group rights stance is always idolatry and slanderous, prejudicial fraud and extortion; it’s crime.

    And that’s the whole liberal “group rights” extortion credo in a nuts hell: it pretends to give them the excuse to take other people’s stuff while still claiming victimhood (“I had no choice!”) status!

    Liberalism is pure criminal negligence: “I subjectively neglect my fearful objective responsibility to not attack you others first, SO that I can thereby, slanderously claim my greedy right to not be attacked BY YOU first! Whee!”

    Obviously, this also embodies the creed of islam and sharia BY codifyng it and writing it down and justifying it by this us-versus-them, might-makes-right illusion of static predeterminism (men are bigger than women and better than infidels, and the ends – my safety – justify the means – attacking you first – anyway!) idolatrous allah-bi excuse for crime stance(!)


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