Obamastan: After ‘White Privilege’, ‘Christian Privilege’ Has To Go

Fundamental Transformation:

“Positive rights” replacing “negative rights”- according to Barry Soetoro, aka Hussein Obama:


Christian florists who don’t want to provide services for gay weddings are like employers who post “whites only” signs in their windows.

Christian conservatives use religion as a justification for their discriminatory behavior, and Americans will only enjoy true religious freedom when their so-called “religious liberty” claims are defeated.–Read it and weep.

Judge orders removal of Mt. Soledad cross in La Jolla

SAN DIEGO – A federal judge in San Diego issued an order from the bench Thursday declaring that the government’s display of a 43-foot cross atop Mount Soledad in La Jolla violates the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

Proponents of the cross said they might again petition the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene.


 Its true:

Al-Qaeda leaders say “Jihad is being paid for by Europe”

European governments are financing jihad through ransom payments made to kidnappers. And that is one of the points of kidnapping Infidels in the first place. Islamic law stipulates that Muslim captors may choose to kill, enslave, or ransom their captives, or free them outright, and that the decision should be made based on which would be most beneficial to Islam. In this case, the ransom money is most beneficial to Islam, as it finances jihad.

“‘Jihad is being paid for by Europe’, says Al Qaeda leaders,” from the BBC,(thanks to JW)


Robert Spencer on Sun TV on the Sharia anti-alcohol protest in London and more

Last night on my regular weekly appearance on Michael Coren’s Sun TV show, Jerry Agar was guest-hosting for Michael. We discussed the Sharia Project, the Muslim group planning to protest alcohol use on a busy club-filled street in London; the recent threats against Christians in Indonesia; and the pro-jihad imam who collected millions of jihad on a tour in the United States.

Video thanks to AlohaSnackbar01.




2 thoughts on “Obamastan: After ‘White Privilege’, ‘Christian Privilege’ Has To Go”

  1. As for that Christian baker:

    Funny how it now seems that some people can be sued to perform acts which they never contractually agreed to do in the first place.

    What’s next – dog groomers being forced to shave cats because the uber category (“groomer”) takes precedence over their chosen sub-category (or “specialty”), as far as the state licensing police are concerned?! Wouldn’t that mean pediatricians can be forced to perform brain surgery (or morticians be forced to try to revive people) as “doctors,” next?

    Why should anyone be forced to enter into any kind of contract?

    Especially where religion (superstitious opinion stated as fact) is involved, since it’s already ‘protected’ and condoned in law, why should their rights of refusal have to depend on “valid and legitimate” reasons at all?

    As others have already noted:

    “Gays have always had EXACTLY the same marriage rights as everybody else: the right to marry a non related person of the opposite sex, but now they demand SPECIAL rights that nobody else has ever had or has.”


    “There is no law, never has been that says you can marry who you love. I might love my Grandmother, but I can’t marry her. Ditto my dog, sister, child, the mentally retarded girl down the street, my already married neighbor, etc.

    Everybody had the same restrictions on who they could marry, everybody was equal. Gays demanded Special rights to marry other people of the same sex. That is no different than demanding the right to marry your sibling, your dog, or to have plural marriages. It’s wanting special rights to do something that was previously disallowed everyone.

    Being gay is most certainly a lifestyle choice, just as being straight or celibate is. You choose who, or if, to have sex with just as you choose what religion, or none, to join.”

    Finally, there are limits on the ideal that in order to open a business, one must agree to serve all customers: business owners OWN their businesses as property; under our most basic legal rules of property ownership, nobody else has automatic rights to enjoy our property!

    So if and when an enemy comes by, say, someone with whom one has had serious disagreements in the past, &/or is engaged in police, custody &/or other kinds of lawsuits or other disagreements, people who have even issued threats, etc, then one is not required by law to automatically serve them, either.

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