Palli Mayor of Ramallah: “All your Jesus are belong to us…!”

Thanks to BNI:

Mayor of Ramallah: “Because ‘Jesus the Palestinian’s’ burial place is in Jerusalem, this proves ‘Palestinians’ have been the rightful owners of the land for thousands of years”

Gee, I wonder if he is aware that Jesus was born a Jew and he was still a Jew when he died and was buried in the Israeli capital of Jerusalem?

Daniel Greenfield:

When liberals talk about the bible, they usually end up embarrassing themselves. This one comes from the case files of Kathleen Park who is a dime- store Maureen Dowd.

Ranting about Robertson, Parker dives into amateur biblical criticism.

Here’s another classic example:

Moral superiority, real and imagined, always makes the likes of Wendy Bacon feel lovely and warm inside – warmer than a drowned boat person, certainly.

At Eureka Street, a website run and funded by the Jesuits, St Vincent de Paul Society chief executive John Falzon came in on cue with a Christmas hope that capitalism (“not a natural system”) will be replaced by something kinder to outcasts and people like Jesus, who, he assures readers, was “born on the fringes of society”.

This is just too much. It is one thing to see Wendy Bacon misrepresenting a theology she once thought worthy only of a blasphemous, look-at-me parody, but quite another when the chief executive of a religious charity can’t grasp the real meaning of that night in a stable long ago.


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  1. Bible’s idea of paradise; sitting under “ones own” fig tree, tending “ones own vine”. Not the collective vine owned by the state.

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