“Ramadi mosques call for jihad”

And they don’t mean “inner struggle”….

Sunnis Of Western Iraq Will Never Acquiesce To Shi’a Domination And Shi’a Will Never Share Their Newly-Acquired Power   (Hugh Fitzgerald)


All predictable, and all, as  our readers no doubt recall, long ago predicted, and predicted, and predicted.

For neither the Shi’a, who now hold power in Iraq, nor the Sunnis, who no longer do, can behave in any other way. Both are affected by the attitudes to which Islam naturally gives rise. And in Islam, the possible outcomes of any contest are only two: Victor, or Vanquished.  –Read more here.


Iraq: Ramadi mosques call for jihad as government dismantles anti-government protest site  (JW)

Iraqprotests.jpegAs these mosques — contrary to the cynical and deceptive claims of Islamic spokesmen in the West — don’t mean by this call that Muslims get in their exercise or drop off the kids at school, watch for more bloodshed: this is a call for Sunnis to wage jihad warfare against the Shi’ite government.

“Ramadi mosques call for ‘jihad’ as Iraq forces move on protest site,” from AFP, December 30:

Mosques in the city of Ramadi, west of Baghdad, called for “holy war” Monday as gunmen battled security forces seeking to dismantle an anti-government protest site, an AFP journalist said.Some mosques used loudspeakers to exhort people to “go to jihad,” or holy war, the journalist said.

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