Saudi Mosqueteer denied entry to UK

First we had this:

UK allows speaking tour by Saudi imam who calls Shi’ites “apostates” and says no churches should be allowed in Saudi Arabia

Then somebody had a change of heart:

Saudi Grand Mosque imam denied entry to the UK

One of Islam’s highest ranked imams has claimed he was refused entry to the UK and prevented from boarding a plane.

The former imam of the Grand Mosque in Makkah – the religion’s holiest mosque – Sheikh Adel Al Kalbani said he was stopped at King Khaled International Airport in the capital Riyadh despite having a UK visa issued in October by the British Embassy in Saudi Arabia.

“I was stopped at the door of the plane and told that the authorities received a message from the British Embassy saying that I was not allowed to enter Britain,” Al Kalbani told Arab News.

 Saudi Ambassador to Britain:

“West’s policies on both Iran and Syria risk the stability and security of the Middle East…we will not stand idly by”

Obama’s kowtowing to Iran threatens to make the world a far more dangerous place than it already is, and in short order.

I Don’t Dress My Sons with Suicide Belts

Peace is not possible with a society that sanctifies death. I don’t dress my sons with suicide belts. The Palestinian Arabs hang bombs like garlands above their children.  By: Guilio Meotti for Israel National News via Mullah (pbuh)

Palestinian Christians speak out about the obstacles facing pilgrims to sites associated with the life of Jesus.

The persecution of Christians across the muslim world, and the resulting massive exodus, is certainly one of the most underreported news events of our time. Don’t wait for Al Jizz to tell the truth:

They’re dead its because allah wanted them dead:

Israeli army shoots dead two Palestinian men Arabs in separate raids in Jenin and Qalqilya in the occupied West Bank Judea and Samaria.

Nativity scenes removed from Guantanamo dining halls after complaints

Gitmo apes complain, U.S. lackeys jump to attention:

GUANTANAMO BAY NAVAL BASE, CUBA –  The commander of the Guantanamo Bay naval base decided Wednesday to move Nativity scenes from two dining halls following complaints that the decorations improperly promoted Christianity.

Bibi stayed home