The ABC is the enemy of Australia

The ABC is the enemy of Australia

ABC refused pleas to censor damaging secrets

THE ABC emerges from the Indonesian spy scandal a diminished organisation, morally compromised and journalistically discredited…

 People have stopped listening to the ABC

They no longer believe it. The radical Left has infiltrated every corner of it, destroying its moral ethic of impartiality and truth. 

Australia has some of the worst socialist hacks in the world manufacturing laughably biased “news” at taxpayers expense; and now they reward themselves for it.

My anger is not directed at the accused. Labor’s well-documented record of fraud, paedophilia and racketeering is known to all. It’s in their DNA and it always has been. It has not changed in the half century since I worked for Labor unions and it will not change in future.

ALP CROOKSMy anger is reserved for our disintegrating media… and it really doesn’t know why it is disintegrating. It is lost in a vacuum between old intrepid reporting and a new digital age.

People have stopped listening to it. They no longer believe it. The radical Left has infiltrated every corner of it, destroying its moral ethic of impartiality and truth. Blogs have mushroomed to fill the void but battle to be heard.

No better example of the Left’s destructive bias was Fairfax’s and the ABC’s gay vanguard, David Marr’s reporting of an accusation that a wall may have been punched by Abbott 30 years ago. (More)

Great News from Canberra:

The perfect symbol of our capital city – a bloated, gaseous, multi-breasted monster feeding those who dwell in its poisonous shadow while leeching off the rest of us: THIS IS CANBERRA (Tim Blair)

canwhaleNothing says “‘look at how many amazing people Canberra has produced” quite like a hideous airborne turtle with ten tits.

Vaginal Knitting:

Vast Majority of Australians Think Islam and Terrorism are Related

by Daniel Greenfield

I wonder what gave them that idea. Might have been all the bombings. Or the children holding beheading signs. But the Q Society, a pro-Democratic, Anti-Islamic Theocracy organization, conducted a revealing poll. … Story at FrontPage Magazine thanks to Mullah/pbuh

Shell hates coal:

Abbott Abbott Abbott

All eyes on Abbott:

Abbott’s studies at Oxford get Fairfax mockery. Rhiannon’s in Moscow of no interest

 Greens SenatorLee Rhiannon has refused to confirm or deny that she did a course in Moscow during the time of Leonid Brezhnev’s communist dictatorship. The International Lenin School was established by the Soviet Union “to train leaders of the communist movement” and “to facilitate” the progress of Bolshevik revolution around the world.

Furdz from the turdz:

Oz Watermelons Heartbroken:

“The Australians were behaving like high school boys in class, their behaviour was rude and disrespectful.”–“With all due respect,” Blair responded, the “UN can shove it”.

With links from Andrew Bolt, Tim Blair & Mr Pickering