The “Disfigured Faith” of Salam Al-Marayati

“Extremism to us is a major threat to our faith…”

…Al-Marayati said at a Friday news conference. “It disfigures our faith and it creates more misapprehensions about Islam, and indeed it creates misconceptions about Islam that fuels Islamophobia.”

Unknown“…the message of Islam, the true spirit of Islam, is based on spreading mercy, justice and engaging others in a pluralistic society.”

Strange. The Koran doesn’t say anything about “spreading mercy”. It says kill the unbelievers. “Justice” means sharia and  since no Islamic country is “pluralistic”. What is the old taqiyya merchant talking about?

Radical Headbanger Waseem Razvi In Arabia, Complains About Q-Society


Australia is a fertile ground for Islam to grow, but:  there is a group called Q Society founded by some Christian and Jewish zealots. Their slogan is ‘Muslims should be kicked out of Australia

Hmm, I happen to be a member of the Q-Society but I never heard of such a slogan. But don’t mind me saying that Muslims like Wasseem should indeed be kicked out of Australia.

Geoff wonders:
So we want to kick Muslims out of Australia?
Funny that, didn’t Mohammed kick the Jews and Christians out of Arabia?
Now those Christian zealots and Joooos want to return the favour. Can’t have that can we?
Maybe Wazeem Razvi could have a chat with the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia about this while he is there.
Sheik Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah has called for the destruction of all churches on the Arabian peninsula.
Perhaps Wazeem could explain Islamic peace shown by the second rightly guided caliph Umar when he invaded Jerusalem in 637AD, destroying crops in the field, killing priests, raping nuns and stealing booty from the churches before throwing the bishop of Jerusalem, Sophronius, into prison where he died about a year later. The first Interfaith outreach program in Jerusalem was a real hoot.
Maybe someone could ask Wazeem how this fits with his vision of Multicultural harmony.
Al BeBeeCeera Watches Geert Wilders
Geert Wilders, the controversial Netherlands politician, has told the BBC that he wants to bring down the European Union.  Mr Wilders’ Anti-immigration Freedom Party is currently ahead in most the Dutch polls.

2 thoughts on “The “Disfigured Faith” of Salam Al-Marayati”

  1. There is no ‘extremism’ in Islam:

    Allah, the coward (Quran 8:17, 9:14-15, 47:4) sadist

    22:19-22 “These two antagonists dispute with each other about their Lord: but those who deny (their Lord, i.e. Allah), for them will be cut out a garment of Fire: over their heads will be poured out boiling water”

    23:103,104 “… The Fire will burn their faces”

    10:4 “…but those who reject Him will have draughts of boiling fluids, and a penalty grievous, because they did reject Him.”

    6:70 “…they will have for drink (only) boiling water, and for punishment, one most grievous: for they persisted in rejecting Allah.”

    44:45, 46, 48 “Like molten brass; it will boil in their insides,

    “Verily, We have made this (Qur-an) easy, in thy tongue, in order that they may give heed.”

    … “Moreover, We shall join them to Companions with beautiful, big, and lustrous eyes.” (believers)

    … “Then pour over his head the Penalty of Boiling Water.”(unbelievers)

    4:56 “Those who reject our Signs (i.e. Quran), We shall soon cast into the Fire: as often as their skins are roasted through, We shall change them for fresh skins, that they may taste the penalty: for Allah is Exalted in Power, Wise.”

    5:38 “As to the thief, male or female, cut off his or her hands: a punishment by way of example, from Allah, for their crime: and Allah is Exalted in Power. Full of Wisdom.”


    German Constitution Article 2, Paragraph 2

    (this is unacceptable) Allah, Quran 5:38 “(thieves) AMPUTATE their HANDS”
    24:2 “(adulterers) FLOG them with 100 stripes”
    vs. German Constitution Article 2, Paragraph 2 “Everybody has the right to life

    The coward traitor & dhimmi “in submission to Allah” 9:29 Mr. Dr. Friedrich, Bundesinnenminister (CSU) and his employee Mr. Dr. Maaßen, President of Constitution protection DO NO FULFILL THEIR JOBS!

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