Underestimating the enemy

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Underestimating the enemy

Never underestimate your enemy.

As a cliché, it’s an oldie. But it’s also a goodie.

Unfortunately, it assumes that you know who your enemy is. And in the West’s case, we don’t.

We don’t know who the enemy is because post-modern Western philosophy is based on the ideal that all people are good. It assumes that all ideas have inherent value. This philosophy presupposes that there is no enemy.

But that’s a load of rubbish.

Not all people are good and many ideas have no value whatsoever.

Like Islam. It is not a good idea.

And the people who follow this idea are our enemy. Even if we don’t believe them when they tell us just that.

The refusal to accept that they are an enemy does not mean we are enlightened, moral people. It means something else entirely: that we have completely and utterly underestimated those who seek to destroy us and our way of life.

Like Hizb ut Tahrir.

This organisation speaks clearly, concisely and explains with great clarity that Islam is at war with the West. It does not seek to hide this fact. On the contrary, Hizb ut Tahrir has just released a glossy 126 page document outlining exactly why Islam is at war with the West. And it didn’t just issue this document to its many supporters in Australia. Hizb ut Tahrir gave it to the press and have it proudly displayed on their website.

You can find it here. Some selected quotes are listed below:

  • (Hizb ut Tahrir has) “been highly active within the Muslim community on the grassroots level, with great success in the spreading of its ideas of Islamic political activism and Islamic revivalism.”
  • “our work with the Muslim community is focused on directing Muslims to resist the dilution of their Islam.”
  • “We reject both integration and isolation, and advocate positive interaction for Muslims in society based solely upon Islam. We believe the Muslim community, with its transcendent Islamic values and culture, can present itself as a sublime model of tranquillity, prosperity and positivity.”
  • “Further, we should not take part in any of the Government’s counter-terrorism programs and initiatives.”
  • “The anti-terror laws have sought to criminalise ideas and to put Islam itself on trial.”
  • “Thus we see a concerted effort by the government to change Islam from what it is – a complete way of life with its own worldview, including an ideological and political outlook distinct from that of western secular liberalism – to one that leaves off those aspects which conflict with secular liberalism.”
  • “In reality, what commenced with the War on Terror was in fact a war on Islam: an attack on Islam politically and ideologically.”
  • “Thus we see the common conception of those who led the War on Terror as a global ideological struggle against ideas and aspirations deemed unacceptable. Although the targeted ideas are couched in negative and at times distorted terms, it is clear to see that they include fundamental ideas of Islam: the implementation of Shariah, the establishment of theKhilafah, the removal of the illegitimate and corrupt regimes in the Muslim world, and the repulsion of invading forces, such as western troops, and entities, such as ‘Israel’, from the Muslim world. More generally, all ideas and aspects of Islam not in line with secular liberal ideals form part of the target. Hence, it is, quite clearly, a war on Islam.”
  • “This report establishes beyond doubt that the Australian Government targets the Muslim community.”

I actually like this document because it also explains something else. Something not well understood by our government or by the populace which has been lulled into a false sense of security about the religion of peace.

Yes, Hizb ut Tahrir has also explained very clearly why the West (and that includes Australia) is at war with Islam.

Not many politicians like to acknowledge this fact. But it is true. The West is at war with Islam. It has been for quite some time. In fact, this war started about 1500 years ago when Mohammad set to work on conquering the world. His followers have kept at it ever since.

The West has forgotten the battles in the northern France and on the Mediterranean Sea. That’s why September 11 is perceived to be something new. But it’s not. It’s something old.

It’s also why bleeding hearts complain that military intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan might cause tension between the Islamic world and the West. That complaint would only be valid if prior to these wars things were peaceful between the House of Islam and the West.

But that is not the case. And that is why, since the earliest days of Islam, the West has not been called the ‘West’, but Dar al Harb. That’s Arabic for the House of War. It’s called exactly that because it is the place where Muslims fight. Muslims intend to conquer the House of War and bring it into the House of Peace.

And let’s be clear. It is a kind of peace. It’s the peace of the conquered. Of the submissive. It’s not the peace of freedom. But still, it is a kind of peace nonetheless.

Hizb ut Tahrir’s document should be required reading for all government policy makers who have anything to do with immigration, defence, national security and foreign affairs. And especially for those involved in multicultural fantasies.

That’s because Hizb ut Tahrir demolishes the delusion that you can take warfare, conquest and domination out of Islam and still keep some kind of ‘authentic’ religion. Hizb ut Tahrir destroys the naive belief that government attempts to ‘modernise’ Islam will not be seen for what they are: a war on the Islamic idea.

Now, I’m not saying that governments should not try and defeat Islam. They should because where there is Islam there is violence, oppression and pain. But governments should recognise that any attempt to do so is a declaration of war on Islam.

There’s simply no getting around it.

You can’t try and destroy a religion without going to war with it. In every way, shape and form.

But if you don’t recognise that you are at war and if you don’t recognise who your enemy is you will never win. You will eventually lose. Unfortunately, that’s the path the Western world has chosen.

So groups like Hizb ut Tahrir can operate with impunity in Australia while Islamic immigrants are welcomed with open arms. That’s a recipe for trouble, super-sized.

Because Hizb ut Tahrir spends it time telling the Islamic community not to integrate. It encourages Muslims not to cooperate with the government. It supports Australian Muslims who fight with al Qaeda in Syria, while condemning Australian soldiers who combat al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

This organisation should not be welcome in Australia. And nor should the people it supports, including those who have been arrested for waging war in Syria. These same people have a culture of contempt and disregard for Australian law and Australian society, a history of violence and they are extremely dangerous.

Groups like Hizb ut Tahrir and those fellow travellers who illegally support the war in Syria do not see Australian generosity as anything but a weakness to exploit. And they are exploiting it.

They will continue to do so while we pretend that they are not the enemy. They will continue to do so until we stop underestimating them.

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  1. I had a problem with Jesus’s invitation to “tend the other cheek” from a very early age. But even Jesus himself would have run out of cheeks by now where the perpetrators of islam are concerned.

  2. The first thing to do is to exterminate all left wing radicals or offer them their planned destiny upfront , namely hell. That is , the destiny we are heading for through their efforts to suppress , surrender and destroy us and our religion and culture. For what reason? Are they ashamed of our past ? Are we too technically advanced while leaving everyone else behind ? Are they suffering from severe Stockholm syndrome ? What initiates this self hate in the case of the left where they then find solace in the consequences of their actions namely mutilation of themselves and others like them? And even more mutilation to those who are not like them and disagree ? The left should watch out . They are being listed and the day of retribution to traitors is near.

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