When Islam comes to a land, what happens?

“Reverts”  happen:

3 of the 4 Black suspects arrested for killing lawyer who was protecting his wife in recent carjacking at NJ mall have Muslim first names! (BNI)

The suspects said they were looking for a Range Rover to steal – so they shot Dustin Friedland dead.

mencrimeL to R: Kevin Roberts, Hanif Thompson, Basim Henry and Karif Ford.

There will be compo jihad!

Three Muslim men have been awarded nearly $100,000 in compensation

123039806-300x201Employer sued for creating “toxic environment”–Muslim headbangers had to be around pork products and couldn’t squat down and pray whenever they felt like it. (BNI)

That’s what  happens when Islam comes to town:

Westfalia: 40 Crosses and Statues Destroyed

Münster (kath.net / idea). A series of attacks against Christian symbols have occurred in the past few weeks in  northern Westphalia: The police Münster registered since September a total of 40 cases in which religious statues had their heads  chopped off, crosses were burned  and shrines and chapels were destroyed. This was brought to you by the press officer of the police Münster, Angela Lüttmann, on request of the Protestant news agency  [.[more in German from PI]]

The Impact of Islam by Emmet Scott 

New English Review Press is pleased to announce the publication of our twelfth book, The Impact of Islam by Emmet Scott.

When Islam comes to a land, what happens? In this sweeping and thorough historical overview, Emmet Scott answers that question definitively, illuminating the shockingly devastating effects of Islamic encroachment upon Europe during the Middle Ages. This is history with all the timeliness of today’s headlines, and an urgent message that our governing authorities ignore at their—and our—own risk.

— Robert Spencer, author of the New York Times bestsellers The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) and The Truth About Muhammad

In this excellent follow up to Mohammed and Charlemagne Revisited, Emmet Scott demonstrates that the centuries-long struggle between the Christian world and the Muslim world during the Middle Ages left lasting effects on Christian thought and attitudes. The revival of slavery in the West after it was nearly extinguished is quite conclusively shown to be the direct result of prolonged contact with the vast Muslim slave-raiding and trading empire which took millions of slaves from Europe and Africa during the Middle Ages. More controversially, Scott also points to violent antisemitism, iconoclasm, vendetta, the toleration of torture, extreme religious intolerance and the idea of “holy war” as all having first developed in the Christian world in areas of prolonged contact and war with Islam, most notably in Spain. Scott further demonstrates that while Islam initially conquered the most advanced areas of the world, at a time when Medieval Christendom was a poor backwater, within five centuries the balance of power was completely reversed, with the Islamic world stagnant and deteriorating and the Christian world poised for global domination. This is no accident, but the inevitable result of the opposing world-views created by Islam and Christianity.

Today, the Islamic revival once again threatens Western progress. It is imperative that our leaders become thoroughly acquainted with the history of earlier Islamic advances. The Impact of Islam is a factual, scholarly and unexaggerated look a period of history more relevant today than ever before.

— Rebecca Bynum author of Allah is Dead: Why Islam is Not a Religion

Here is the German text about the Muenster attacks in Germany:

Münster (kath.net/idea). Eine Serie von Anschlägen gegen christliche Symbole hat es in den vergangenen Wochen im nördlichen Westfalen gegeben: Die Polizei Münster registrierte seit September insgesamt 40 Fälle, in denen religiösen Statuen der Kopf abgeschlagen wurde, Kreuze verbogen oder verbrannt sowie Bildstöcke und kleine Kapellen zerstört wurden. Das teilte die Pressesprecherin der Polizei Münster, Angela Lüttmann, auf Anfrage der Evangelischen Nachrichtenagentur idea mit.[mehr]

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  1. Islam is poisoning our culture, our minds, our schools, our economics, our hearts, our souls, our businesses, our days, our entertainment, our churches, our nights, our ability to think and feel normally and rationally, our waking, our sleeping, our relaxation, our ability to act and react appropriately, our government, our laws, our law enforcement, our judicial system, our ability to be proactive. It is poisoning everything.

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