Whom the bell tolls

Bothered by Church Bells

Who needs Church Bells when you got Mohammedanism already?

French “Integration” Authors Included Moroccan Who Was Annoyed by Church Bells

In an op-ed published by Mediapart in 2011, this sociologist wondered how “we can continue to accept without reaction that the bells [of a cathedral] ring every Sunday without anything being done to stop this ostentatious acoustic intrusion of religion into the public space”.

Interfaith outreach in Indonesia: New rash of church closings, signs hung near church saying “Jesus is a dog,” “Kill the Christians”

In the lands of the mushriks, Muslims  never cease to tell us how much they “love Jesus”– but….   Shhh! Don’t talk about this! You might disrupt the “dialogue”!

INDONESIA_(F)_0427_-_Pastore_ucciso-thumb-500xauto-4199“New Rash of Church Closings Sweeps Across Indonesia,” by Ryan Morgan forInternational Christian Concern, December 19 (thanks to Pamela Geller and JW)

Sue Soddy Barbaria!

Why Families of 9/11 Victims Are ‘Ecstatic’ They Can Finally Sue Saudi Arabia

Why Families of 9/11 Victims Are ‘Ecstatic’ They Can Finally Sue Saudi Arabia

“For 12 years we’ve been fighting to expose the people who financed those bastards.”–Read More »

After “white privilege”comes”Christian privilege”

And we can’t have any of it:

‘Cut Him Off. He’s a Jerk’: O’Reilly Clashes With Activist in Fiery Exchange Over Guantanamo Nativity Removal.

“What we’re really seeing — Christian privilege previously unchallenged being challenged.”–Comments »

London university apologizes over Prophet Mohammad image incident

“Prophet?” Whose ‘prophet?’


A prominent London university has apologized for asking two students to cover up T-shirts depicting Prophet Mohammad and Jesus Christ.

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The representatives of the Atheist, Secularist and Humanist Society student union were wearing the shirts at a London School of Economics (LSE)  fair in October when they were told that displaying an image of Islam’s prophet could constitute religious harassment and were asked to cover them up.

The school said it takes free speech “very seriously” and will learn from the incident.

3 thoughts on “Whom the bell tolls”

  1. Church bells bothering Muslims? Well, f**k Muslims. I’m sure the screeching of their imam’s call to prayer is OK, though, huh?

    University apologizes? They shouldn’t have censored free speech to begin with. But, Brits are the biggest dhimmi idiots on the planet. They’re going to descend into Muslim Hell pretty soon anyway. Oh, wait, they already are.

  2. @Pray Hard,

    If the Moroccan finds the sound of Church bells so intolerable, then perhaps he should find a culture and country where there are no church bells ringing. Like the shit hole he left. Oh, wait, even ‘he’ does not want to live in the shithole he originated from.

    When one chooses to live in someone else’s culture, there are small cultural differences that one must live with.

    The Islamic call to prayer is one of the ugliest sounds in the world and should be banned in all non-Islamic countries. I have no doubt, eventually, it will be in the future.

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