Australia has been ''stupid'', sez Indo Politician

Labor thugs and Indo people smugglers agree.

ABC can’t get enough of Butthead Shorten.They should make him a news caster…. and put him on a vessel to patrol the waters between Indonesia and Australia. Along with 50 of the hardest ABC hitters. And please, take Bandt, SHY, Natalie and Milne along as “independent” observers.

But what about the burns? They were weeks old. Just like the video footage!

Tim Blair has the list of leftist grievances:

Guardian readers previously applied their collective intelligence to allegations that the Australian Navy fired at asylum seeker vessels. Now these experts consider claims of torture:

Australia has been ”stupid” to allow its navy ships to cross into Indonesian territory and tension over the incident would delay the process of repairing relations damaged by the recent spying revelations, says a senior Indonesian politician.

Meanwhile, the Chief of Navy has hit back at claims of misconduct by Australian sailors in the past fortnight, insisting his personnel are ”worthy of more respect than has been shown to them in the past few weeks”.

Andrew Bolt:   The ABC’s selective ear

This week the ABC has had not the slightest hesitation in reporting – at great length and with great vehemence - improbable allegations that our navy tortured boat people:

Yesterday, [the ABC] reported unproven claims that Australian navy personnel mistreated asylum-seekers by forcing them to grasp a hot engine in a boat turnback operation, causing “severe” burns. An “exclusively” supplied video showed minor hand damage. Immigration Minister Scott Morrison categorically denied the claims and later reports suggest the burns occurred before the vessel was intercepted, possibly as the vessel was sabotaged. Our navy personnel have, after all, saved the lives of hundreds of asylum-seekers.

ABC bulletins also ran strongly with strident criticism from New York-based Human Rights Watch, labelling Australia’s measures “abusive” and accusing the government of “demonising” asylum-seekers. The national broadcaster continues to provide uncritical amplification of this predictable venting, setting itself as the moral conscience of a nation with a brutal government and insensitive populace.


Tim Blair

As Wade Laube notes, the ABC considers video of asylum seeker burns to be proof of how the burns occurred. But Prime Minister Tony Abbott requires a higher evidentiary standard:

Asked if the aired footage constituted as evidence, Mr Abbott said: “Who do you believe?

“Do you believe Australian naval personnel or do you believe people who were attempting to break Australian law? I believe Australian naval personnel.”

So do most sane people. However, given that so many completely credible and utterly trustworthy individuals are convinced that Australian naval personnel have variously shot at, burned and assaulted asylum seekers, it’s worth asking the question …


Indonesia starts sabre rattling

Suddenly, the guns come out:

Australia 'reachable' by Indones...

Indonesia has significantly beefed up its military presence in waters off its southern borders with warships, including fast torpedo craft, deployed. Source: News Limited

  • Military presence in southern waters has been increased
  • Radar centres facing Australia are on alert
  • Air Force base in Makassar makes our country ‘reachable’
  • Follows admission sovereign waters had been breached

INDONESIA has beefed up its military presence in waters off its southern border as military officials claim its air force is ready and that Australia is “reachabale” if there are any more border violations.

Indonesian military officials have today told the Jakarta Post its Navy warships, including frigates, fast torpedo craft and corvettes as well as maritime patrol aircraft, have been deployed to waters off its southern border.

Four Air Force defence radars have also been programmed to closely monitor the area.

“We are watching four radars in Timika, Merauke (in Papua), Saumlaki (Maluku) and Buraen (East Nusa Tenggara), which all face Australia,” Air Force chief spokesman Air Commodore Hadi Tjahjanto told The Jakarta Post.

Indonesian Army Special Forces are said to be ready for any future border violations, with Air Commodore Hadi Tjahjanto decla...

Indonesian Army Special Forces are said to be ready for any future border violations, with Air Commodore Hadi Tjahjanto declaring that the air base in Makassar will be ‘ready’. Source: AP

“If we notice any border violations, our air base in Makassar will be ready. Australia is reachable from there.”

The Post said the base referred to was the Sultan Hasanuddin Air Force Base in the South Sulawesi provincial capital, home the 11th squadron of 16 Russian-made Sukhoi Su-27/30 Flankers.

The newspaper said the flankers have a maximum range of some 3,000 kilometers. The sea border lies some 1,000 km from Makassar. At Mach 1, or the speed of sound, the Flankers would reach the border in little over an hour.

Comment is being sought from Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s office and the Australian Defence Force.

The developments come after Australia admitted last week it had accidentally breached Indonesia’s sovereignty during asylum seeker missions in recent weeks.

Professor Damien Kingsbury from Deakin University told “Indonesia has always been pensive about its territorial integrity and Australia has played a role in that in the past.”

“There’s a sensitivity about that. If Indonesia did that to Australia we’d be very upset, if not more so,” he said.

PM Tony Abbott in Davos Switzerland, pictured here with Japanese PM Shinzo Abe.

PM Tony Abbott in Davos Switzerland, pictured here with Japanese PM Shinzo Abe. Source:Supplied


The Australian Government apologised to Indonesia after Navy vessels “inadvertently” breached Indonesia’s territory “on several occasions” in recent weeks.

Australia’s relationship with Indonesia has hit rocky waters recently, particularly because of the government’s ‘turn back the boats’ policy and allegations from US intelligence whistleblower Edward Snowden that Australia spied on the country’s president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, and his wife, Ani in 2009.

Professor Clive Williams, from Australian National University’s Centre of Military and Security Law, hosed down concerns, saying it was just rhetoric that was good for Indonesia’s politicians ahead of looming elections.

But he said Australia had blundered last week by admitting the sovereignty violations, which then demanded a response.

“It’s probably good mileage for politicians in Indonesian to be extra nationalistic,” he said.

“I would doubt whether they would follow through on that – it’s very much for home consumption. The stupidity on our part was admitting we’d entered their waters. That was unnecessary on our part and has just created problems.”

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  1. Having worked with the Korpussus in ’95 and that’s supposed to be Indonesias elite force I’m more than at ease knowing our armed forces are more than capable at wiping the floor with them. They neither have the logistics or military might to hit us. Abbot is better off flipping the bird to them idiots and in the other hand have a $20 bill saying ‘suckers behave’..

    Don’t forget we have frontline soldiers in Darwin, Townsville and the SASR that work the Pilbara region also RAAF base Tindal which is only a stone throw from Darwin, yes I know you’d need long arms to do that. Norforce would have a ball with them Indo idiots as well.

  2. I think all Aussies should have a national FLIP THE BIRD to Indonesia day. Muslims are so arrogant and use to getting their way through intimidation and threats. Time to kick Butt.

  3. “ABC considers video of asylum seeker burns to be proof of how the burns occurred.”

    -Of course they do, they have an agenda to push. Over run the country with the worlds cretins, criminals, rapists and uneducated, unintelligent
    troglodytes in a effort to assist the NWO and stroke their own vanity.

    In the UK, at the Border Agency, they have video of rejected Chancers throwing themselves down the stairs in the hope it will manipulate a reversal, to stay in England, rather than be sent home.

    So what is a few superficial burns here and there to a group of Chancers and scoundrels? Who are deliberately trying to manipulate FALSE charges of abuse against the Aussie navy and potentially ruin an innocent persons career?

    It is a big gamble, to lie and give yourself a few burns, but it is sooo worth it! The prize: to gain a new generous homeland that will insanely give them a house and pay them to just breath and shyte all day long.

    After all, it is the big evil white imperialist word against the poor, poor piteous third world wretches. Who are you gonna believe?

    Lastly, I like Abbott’s reply.

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