"Bigger, better…" or just more Islamic?

Sam Dastyary is a Labor hack. His parents were student activists in the 1979 Iranian revolution. WTF are these Iranian agents doing in Australia?

A bigger future makes sense, so let us prepare for it

I BELIEVE in a Big Australia. An Australia where the best and brightest from across the world are invited to join our great country and contribute to our lifestyle, culture and economy. The path to a Big Australia involves a considerable political shift. It means confidently embracing immigration and moving away from the currently accepted notion that the Australian public won’t support or accept an increase in migration levels.  (SAM DASTYARI/ THE AUSTRALIAN)

“Multiculti could offer the European Union the best chance to integrate migrants”

Does it get any dumber than that?

Kait Bolongaro offers pretzel logic instead of reason. The Islamic belief system is hostile to western culture and civilisation. The fact that Muslims have no intention to integrate is well established and undeniable. Why then is Kait  adamant that the failure of the multiculti experiment should be perpetuated? What benefits can she offer Europeans if the Muslim invasion continues?

Despite its perceived failure, multiculturalism could offer the European Union the best chance to integrate migrants.

With increasing pressure from immigration, there has been a recent rise of right wing political parties around Europe. Such entities foster a hostile environment for would-be migrants of all backgrounds by peddling a type of exclusive banal nationalism to the populous that creates exclusive groups of us versus them.   Is multiculturalism good for Europe?  – Kait Bolongaro for al Jizz

3 thoughts on “"Bigger, better…" or just more Islamic?”

  1. RE: “Multiculti could offer the European Union the best chance to integrate migrants”

    I thought this was a credible story, until I saw the Al Jizz tag.

    Pecksniffian joke of the day!

    As if the world needs bigoted, hateful Arabs (et their stooges) lecturing the free world on how to create successful immigration. When the Arab world can demonstrate through action a Multicultural existence, then they can talk (al Jizz).

    Until then, can’t wait for the first Synagogues, Churches and Hindu/Buddhist temples to be built in Mecca and across Arabia to demonstrate their commitment to a Multiculti ideology they like to peddle.

    And furthermore, I can’t wait to see nonArab women’s national dress tolerated across Arabia: miniskirts, shorts, uncovered arms and hair tolerated without the foreign women being arrested or assaulted by the police, or the more fearful prudish religious police for not walking around with sheets covering their bodies. Not to mention the indigenous predatory male population who would see foreign woman as a justifiable targets.

    Until then, Ms. Kait Bolongaro is just another 21 st Duranty spreading the fantastical neo-Communist propaganda regarding the demonstrably failed multiculti fantasy.

  2. “Despite its perceived failure, multiculturalism could offer the European Union the best chance to integrate migrants.”

    This article will only make sense when we see a multicultural Muslim country or multicultural Arab country.

    Name me one, there is more than 57 of them.

    Malaysia you say.Yeah right I say. Malaysian friends of mine both Christian and Hindus will disagree.They are third class citizens in that country. It is only in the tourist posters as multicultural.

    Any more?

    Uganda? They chased the Indians out long time ago.

    Sudan-lot of them moving to Australia

    1. There is no place on earth that is more multicultural than Europe.

      Europe doesn’t need a chance to integrate migrants, it needs to protect its indigenous people against Mohammedan invaders.

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