Black Widows, "shaky Muslims" and 'Allah', Muhammad's Beard….

The “Good” Muslim Immigrants

They  create their own little world, their own Somalia, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iraq, etc., in our countries, bringing the same culture they “supposedly” wanted to escape with them. And they do not abandon their “religion” which calls for our demise. ..Story at Cherson and Molschky thanks to Mullah/pbuh

“Shaky Muslims” targeted by ‘allah’ abusing Christians

allah_judgement_1410_600_400_100KUALA LUMPUR: Ridhuan Tee accused the Christian community of attempting to use the Arabic word for God to ‘take advantage’ and propagate their religion when Muslims are weak

Catholic priest Rev Father Lawrence Andrew’s life is at risk as long as Selangor Umno roadshows single him out as the main instigator of non-Muslims using “Allah” in the state, say several concerned lawyers. … however, killing him is an act of mercy in the queer and twisted world of Islamo-headbangers who terrorise non-Muslims with their religion of peace…..

Black Widow Watch


Russia warns about this woman who is a threat to the Olympics

The other day a jihad group in the Caucasus posted a video warning the Russian government to expect terror attacks against the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi. Today the threat to the Olympics has acquired a face: that of the “Black Widow” mujahidette Salima Ibragimova.

This young woman has a distinctive appearance, and it’s hard to see how she could move around the Sochi area without being detected. She can cover her facial scar, but even a burka can’t conceal the lameness in one leg. (Gates of Vienna)

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