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 Islamic weapons of diplomacy:

“… the weapons have not gone through a registration process in the Czech Republic…”

Czech police find cache of weapons at “Palestinian” mission after “Palestinian” Ambassador Killed by Own Explosives

In the wake of the “Palestinian” Ambassador who was killed by explosives at the “Palestinian mission” in Czechoslovakia (the Palis still haven’t gotten their story straight on that one yet), Czech investigators found a cache of unregistered weapons at the mission.

Won’t be long before they blame the Jews for that one….. (Pamela Geller)

Don’t try that at home:

Muslims Kill Dozens of Christians On Christmas Day & White House Remains Silent

Anytime anything happens to Muslims, especially at the hands of Americans, our  “Christian President”  Barack Hussein Obama is quick to condemn the actions.  He’ll issue public apologies to Muslims worldwide and demand that the Americans responsible be punished to the fullest extent possible.

 Smoking is good for you

Everyone now believes that smoking is bad for you. If you disagree you risk being accused of insanity. The fact is, it matters not whether smoking is good or bad for you, it matters not whether the Earth is warming or cooling. What really matters is that we have been lied to… lied to over such a period with such repetition that misinformation becomes an accepted “truth”.

What took them so long?

Saudis Recognize Obama as a ‘Girly Man’ President

Looking back on Obama’s 2009 foreign policy initiatives brings to mind the Miss America contestant who, when asked what she would do if elected president, responded she would pursue world peace. While such naivete may be acceptable from a beauty contestant as a hypothetical U.S. president, it isn’t from an elected one — unless, of course, he is a girly man.

Whatever it takes to smear Israel:

Why are European powers (and Oxfam) funding a radical Israeli group?

 The aim is to “end the occupation”, and on this basis it secured its funding.

“Jews for JIhad”, Pamela Geller, The Jerusalem Post, January 2, 2014

Stockholm Syndrome reared its head last Friday, when an academic who identifies herself as Jewish publishedop-ed in the Los Angeles Times explaining why she voted for the American Studies Association’s boycott of Israeli universities, about which I wrote recently in the Jerusalem Post.– Pamela Geller, Jerusalem Post: “Jews for Jihad”


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  1. RE: Islamic weapons of diplomacy

    Ha! It’s always brilliant, when they blow themselves up.

    Love the divine irony.

    RE: Oxfam

    Oxfam the place where middle class twats go to feel good about themselves and appease their middle class guilt. And now, in the 21st century, Oxfam is a nice respectable outlet to articulate a little middle class antisemitism. Oops. I mean anti-Zionism.

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