Finally! Free speech, not censorship, is the best defence of Jews

Some Jews are finally speaking out. We need free speech, not censorship. There is way too much of that already.

Jews need free speech to protect themselves  (Andrew Bolt)

David Adler, director of Prime Health Management, tells the Attorney-General to ignore appeals by other Jewish representatives not to scrap the anti-free speech sections of the Racial Discrimination Act. Free speech, not censorship, is the best defence of Jews in this country:

Dear Sen Brandis

I am writing to express support for your initiatives to delete or significantly amend S18C & 18D of the Racial Discrimination Act.

I am an active member of the Jewish community in Sydney and hold office as the Hon. Secretary of the Synagogue at Chabad North Shore in Sydney’s northern suburbs. I am known to some senior Liberal Party members including Tony Abbott, Michael Wooldridge, Nick Griener and others who would vouch for my bona fides.


Absolutely astonishing. Labour hack come “Baroness “Catherine Ashton, vice president of the European Commission, marks Holocaust Day with a statement which omits a single mention of the word “Jews”: Remember Holocaust Day! But don’t mention the Jews

Censorious, far left hippy bishop:  “stop attacking the ABC…”

Labor criminals get away with murder in this country, and the Ministry of Truth, the ABC churns out commie prop by the truckload daily. But don’t mention it, “that would be the end of our democracy”.

It is with some concern that I have seen the Jewish community’s short sighted representations. Unfortunately (as has occurred in the US) many of the Jewish community representatives in office are quite left of centre and a significant proportion do not support the representations to retain unaltered S18C and 18D.

In an ideal world, no group would be adverse to another. But we do not live in an ideal world. If a group represents a threat and has values incompatible with Australia’s liberal democratic values then we need to freedom to speak out even if such expression is critical or may cause offence. For example, there is little doubt that Islam has had an adverse impact on many Jewish communities in western Europe. Studies have shown a very significant rise in anti-Semitic events in a number of European countries. If there is a frank discussion of the reasons for this trend or if such a trend began in Australia, it is essential we can openly discuss this matter without being in breach of any Act.

This can be done without inciting violence which is quite a different matter.

Unfortunately in order to “protect” the Jewish community from occasional racist comments, some of our representatives are content to have such freedom of debate crimped.

Many of us do not agree and would much prefer to suffer the occasional offence than have our opportunity to “call a spade a spade” inhibited.

I would be delighted to assist, speak to your policy advisor or arrange for you to meet a group in the Jewish community who don’t support the representations which have been made to date.


David Adler
Director, Prime Health Management