Happy New Year Everybody!

Sydney, Australia – Midnight Fireworks Highlights – 2014

What’s not to like about that?

Egypt Seizes Brotherhood, Islamist Leaders’ Assets

Military spokesman Col. Ahmed Mohammed Ali promised “the armed forces will not let the forces of darkness and terrorism terrorize the sons of the Egyptian people or obstruct the march toward” the upcoming referendum.


Ihsanoglu Steps Down, Leaves Mountains of Manure:

 “we have ways to make you like Islam”….

Ihsanoglu urged  Western countries to recognise Islam as an official religion and promote better understanding of it through education. The focus then was mostly on what they should do to answer Muslim complaints.


Western countries cannot give Islam the status of “an official religion”, because that means Islam would replace everything we hold dear. “Better understanding of Islam” means indoctrinating non-muslims with Islam, that needs to be understood. 

Nothing but demands, lies, BS and grievance theatre. That’s his mission in life.   Has he ever done anything else?


When he bamboozled Hildebeast to sign Article 16/18 of the “Istanbul Process” we knew we were in for the fight of our lives.

Dark clouds on the horizon:

How corrupt are the Greeks?

Turkey hopeful of ties with EU during Greek presidency

“We are hopeful about the Greekpresidency. Greece has been supporting Turkish accession to the EU for a long time. We have already expressed our expectations to Greece for the opening of more chapters and for accelerating the negotiation process,” a senior Foreign Ministry official told the Hürriyet Daily News yesterday. (source)

In other news:

Jihadist Erdogan:

It was not unintentional that Mr ErdoÄŸan declared a political war on Israel. In these lands, being a “jihadist” is like a gratis full motor insurance policy with a bonus scheme: You speed and crash into a Ferrari, and someone else pays for all the damage. The bonus is that you are declared a hero for the crash. What may have caused the accident? Foreign conspirators, of course. And the Nostalgic Train Car Lovers’ Front.

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  1. To: Sheik, and the regular posters, Happy New Year!

    Thanks for all the illuminating stories, that we would otherwise be blind too. Keep up the good fight.

    Fight on.

    May this be a happy beginning to a wonderful new year to you and yours.


    Greeks have always been their own worst enemies. Going as far back to Themistocles-always traitors within.

    The average Greek does not want Turkey in the EU, nor do the Cypriots. It was a good ol’ laugh to read the Turks whinging on about the “Cyprus problem” and whinging about the Cypriots blocking Turkey-and the difficultly that Cyprus is providing the right action.

    Turkey does not belong in the EU.

  2. Happy New Year to you Sheik and THANK YOU for your irrepressible Spunk in bringing us the bad news as no-one else – your are one of the very few fighint-the-evil-blog which make me actually LOL, nearly each time I visit. Please dont let the bastards get you ! And Happy New Year to all your readers!


    1. Ewald Stadler is a true hero for telling the truth, but the true horror is that so many in the Austrian parliament (and elsewhere) are not prepared to hear it and try to shout him down.

      Money talks, yes. But the injustice inflicted on us by Arab money and their corrupt western lackeys is horrific and stinks to high heaven.

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