Hijabbery Kills

Woman dies after hijab, hair get tangled in Montreal escalator

MONTREAL — A woman in her 30s is dead after her headscarf and hair became caught in a subway-station escalator. (Thanks to BCF)

In 2010 we had a similar accident downunder:

Muslim woman strangled by her burkha in freak go-kart accident


A young Muslim woman had died after her burkha became snagged in a go-kart.

The 24-year-old woman, who has not yet been named, died a terrifying death today when a fluttering part of her burkha became caught in the wheels of a go-kart she was driving near the town of  Port Stephens, north of Sydney.

The Muslim clothing the woman was wearing flew back as she sped around the track and part of it became entangled in the go-kart’s wheels.

She was strangled in a second and crashed the vehicle.

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2 thoughts on “Hijabbery Kills”

  1. The dancer Isadora Duncan died in Paris in 1927 when her long scarf caught in the rear wheel spokes of an open topped car, a Bugatti in which she was a rear seat passenger. She died from a broken neck rather than strangulation.

  2. @Tom Billesley.
    Strange, that was my first thought too – shame no one told her about Isadora Duncan.

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