In Burma, Mosques and Muslims Cause Jihad

Burma: “A lot of people coming out from the mosque…They are going to kill us”

In this video, a Burmese Buddhist woman speaks about Muslim persecution of Buddhists in Burma — contradicting the widespread mainstream media theme that Buddhists are persecuting Muslims there, and are entirely at fault. This woman’s husband was a teacher; he was brutally murdered by his Muslim students.

Video thanks to ne yaa Zaw.

One thought on “In Burma, Mosques and Muslims Cause Jihad”

  1. non-muslim heed the the REALITY in the article’s video!!!!

    More and more human beings (that is – anyone who is NOT muslim) are becoming aware of the Islam scourge.

    There is only one solution to Islam – muslim – jihad – Mosque Building.

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    Imagine 1.6 billion muslim contained in the Arabian Peninsular – what a
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    Human rights cannot apply to muslim.
    Give then an inch (ie. an opportunity)- they WILL kill All non-muslim –
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    If you are (an Australian Greenie) Islam Assister and you like to have sex with muslim men in detention centres (if this is you) – a simple solution – YOU GO WITH THEM TO THE Arabian Peninsular – stuffin fools.

    Every muslim (who was/is/will be a) Imam should be jailed for sedition/incitation – because they are required to regularly organise jihad – that is an Imam’s SOUL! purpose (and you thought it was similar to a priest – this also explains every very young Imam) if they don’t organise regular jihad they are replaced in their position.

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    Recognise Islam for what Islam is – AN EXTREMELY VERY EVIL VILE batch of THUGS COWARDS and BULLIES who also hide behind children.
    The articles video is a graphic display of what non-muslim are in for –

    As this beautiful lady (Zaw Ne Yaa?) at the end of the video states – “I want to come back to my hometown.”

    Please help her – deport every muslim to the Arabian Peninsular.

    NB: muslim who are NOT of Arab race ….
    Be aware you can never be a muslim – only Arab can be a muslim – you are
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