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A group of “climate change scientists” were rescued by helicopter Jan. 2, after being stranded in the ice since Christmas morning. But the majority of the broadcast networks’ reports about the ice-locked climate researchers never mentioned climate change.

Climate Scientist  Wanker Claims Global Warming Caused Them to Get Stuck in Antarctic Ice

”Sea ice is disappearing due to climate change, but here ice is building up.”


For the record, Aurora Australis belched an estimated 8726 tonnes of carbon racing to the failed rescue.

Who the hell had the stupid idea to rescue these idiots?

The chief “scientist” of the Antarctic expedition claims that the expanding sea ice that caused them to get stuck for over a week is consistent with man-made global warming.

Antarctica sea ice reached a 30 year record in extent and volume in 2013. (GWP)

Elves Protected

The Supreme Court of Iceland has ordered a halt to road construction because of the environmental impact on the elves. Most of the modern world no longer believes in elves, fairies or gnomes; but environmentalists still do.

“Islamic Science” again:

‘Sacred Science and the Environmental Crisis.’

“The environmental crisis is the result of the application of modern science,” said Dr. Seyyed Hossein Nasr.

“Modern science does not deal with the nature of things as they are.”

“Modern science is based on the negation of all levels of reality,” he added.

Seyyed Hossein Nasr, currently University Professor of Islamic Studies at the George Washington University, Washington DC is one of the most important and foremost scholars of Islamic, Religious and Comparative Studies in the world today.

“The goal of science, as applied, is power,” Dr. Nasr noted.

“The goal of Islamic sciences is the perfection of the human soul.”

In other words it ain’t “science”; it’s religion (the goal of which is the application of power).

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