Making Peace With Genocidal Muslim Killers

Was Chamberlain really that dumb?


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UK parliament launches inquiry into funding for UNRWA, Palestinians

“UNRWA is perpetuating the notion that the descendants of refugees are themselves refugees, and it is based on this principle that the Palestinians are demanding the right of return, something that will not happen in any future agreement,”  (EoZ)

Netanyahu slams UNESCO for scrapping Israel exhibit

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a scathing criticism of the UN’s cultural agency at his Cabinet meeting Sunday, for indefinitely postponing an exhibit on Jewish connections to the Holy Land.

167382_183276745036293_100000619054724_492362_6731971_n“It would not harm the negotiations,” Netanyahu said in a statement. “Negotiations are based on facts, on the truth, which is never harmful. But what does harm the negotiations is the automatic summoning of Israeli ambassadors in certain countries regarding matters of no substance, while significant violations by the Palestinian Authority pass without a response.

Israel And Saudi Arabia Are “The Mean Reason For Sonny Extremism” 

But wait: here comes the shittie version of ‘my allah is better than yours’

Iranian delight in the nuclear deal with the United States (or 5 & 1), and Iranian insistence that this will end the “arms race” in the Middle East, and somehow, too, will end the Sunni-Shi’a divide “all over the world’ (fat chance, or as Iranian websites might put it, “fate chance”), are both on display in this report, from an Indian shill for the Iranian government, here.

“The West particularly the US has finally realized that the adventurous cooperation between Israel and the Saudi Arabia was the mean reason for the sonny extremism all over the world and coming into being of the terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda and Iran had been wrongly suspected of having hand is such activities,” She added.–Nuclear deal is recognition of Iran’s nuclear program by West

British MP calls Israeli flag “Nazi”

From Grahame Morris, British Labour Party politician, and Member of Parliament for Easington, on Twitter

“Moderate” Murderers:

“Moderate” “Palestinian” Authority President Abbas refers to jihad murderers as “heroes” four times in speech

Abbas regularly presents murderers as “heroes.” Palestinian Media Watch documented that Abbas welcomed the previous group of released terrorists in a similar way, calling them “our heroic brothers.”

“Of course, Israel cannot be expected to negotiate with anyone who is dedicated to its destruction. But while I know you have had differences with the Palestinian Authority, I believe that you do have a true partner in President Abbas…” – Barack Obama, March 21, 2013

“Terrorist murderers are ‘heroes,’ Abbas said four times in speech,” by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik for Palestinian Media Watch, January 19:


In December 2013, Israel released 26 Palestinian terrorist murderers from prison. In his speech at the PA event celebrating their release, Mahmoud Abbas welcomed the terrorists and called them “heroes” four times during his speech:

“[The release of our prisoners] is a day of joy for our nation, for our people, for our heroic prisoners… There will be more groups of heroes who will come to us… They [the Israelis] postponed these heroes’ release by 24 hours… we congratulate you and ourselves for the [release] of these heroes.”
[Official PA TV, Dec. 31, 2013]

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Israel released these terrorists because the PA demanded Israel release 104 prisoners from jail, all of them murderers, in order for the PA to resume peace negotiations with Israel.

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  1. Why yes, the children of the ‘palestinian’ refugees ARE indeed refugees themselves: those in Gaza were displaced from Egypt, and those in Judea were exiled from Jordan! So Egypt and Jordan must pay to repatriate them!

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