More on that sunni- shitte divide in Iraq


Iraqi army launches major assault on Ramadi (al Jizz)

Policemen, tribal fighters, and SWAT forces take part in the operation that aims to eradicate al-Qaeda presence

The Iraqi military has launched a major operation on Ramadi to expel armed groups linked to al-Qaeda and end their weeks-long partial control of parts of the city. Troops, backed by helicopter cover, imposed a ban on movement within the city on Sunday, military spokesman Mohammed al-Askari told state television.


Sunnis In Fallujah Prepare To Fight Maliki’s “Safavid Army”

by Hugh Fitzgerald, who suggests:

“Let all sides continue to inflict defeats on all sides, for as long as is possible.”


It’s apparently tiime to invoke the Safavids. Or, in another version,focussing on the Shi’aness of the Shi’a and not their supposed Persianness, the epithet favored by the late Al-Zarqawi to describe his enemies might be used to describe the new army of Iraq, 95% of its American-armed officers being Shia (while under Saddam Hussein the Sunnis ran the show), as being an army of “Rafidite dogs.” Those who like to think it is merely a matter of one despot, a miching Maliki, I’m afraid, all of the other Shi’a too, now ruling the roost in Baghdad ministries, diverting tens of billions,helping themselves and all their tribes, while denying Sunnis their share — doing, that is, to the Sunnis, what was done to the Shi’a under the rule of Saddam Hussein.

May Sunnis and “Safavids” keep it up. The world is watching.Keep in mind, combatants, that the world is watching, and you have to show that world, just the way Muhammad and his Companions did. You end up as Victor or Vanquished — no other outcome is possible. That’s one of the beliefs that, in the mental world supplied by Islam, comes naturally. And in Fallujah, the Shi’a of the Iraqi army, and the Sunnis facing them, are doing what comes naturally.

Muslim Terrorist States Argue Over Which of Them is Distorting Islam

So now let’s play the fastest growing game show in the Middle East and Europe, “Who is distorting Islam”?

Contestant number one is the dictator of Syria, close ally of Iran and patron of the Hezbollah terrorist group. And he says it’s the Saudis. …More distortions of islam at FrontPage Magazine thanks to Mullah pbuh


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  1. May Allah grant them the DOMINATION they so want over each other!

    But what they wont get when they search for “Islam Heaven”….
    • NO promised 72 self regenerating Female Virgins along with the
    • NO promised 28 youths to fulfill all their carnal desires.
    • NO the promised alcohol wont be there either

    What a bummer!

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