Obama People

Mosque Spokesturd in Sweden:


Sweden: Mosque spokesman says Sharon used “Palestinian” children’s blood to make pudding

More venomous hatred from those whom the guardians of opinion will tell you are on the side of peace, love and harmony. “Mosque spokesman spreads antisemitic myth,” from Radio Sweden, January 12 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):JW

Pro-Palestinian activist Ala’a Hamdan: “…ready to spill their blood.” 

There will be no punishment for her hate speech. She is Muslim.

‘I Will Soak a Koffiye With Your Blood’: Former Pro-Palestinian Student Leader Slammed for Facebook Posts Praising Violence Against Israel

‘I Will Soak a Koffiye With Your Blood’: Former Pro-Palestinian Student Leader Slammed for Facebook Posts Praising Violence Against Israel


MAINE: Somali Muslim entitlement whores protest proposed cutback in welfare benefits (BNI)

Maine’s Somali Muslim colonizer problem is growing worse with gang violence and welfare abuse threatening the state. Governor LePage’s efforts to make Maine’s generous benefits system less attractive to Somali Muslim overbreeders who have swarmed the state seeking taxpayer handouts has led to protests from those same Somalis.


‘Allah ban applies to all, including Sikhs’

PETALING JAYA: All non-Muslims are not permitted to use the word ‘Allah’ in Selangor, and that includes the Sikhs, said Selangor state exco for Islamic affairs, Sallehin Mukhyi, today. …– “Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah’s decree last December specifically states that the word ‘Allah’ is exclusive to the Muslims,” said Sallehin.

Wrong to chat online, say two muftis

PETALING JAYA: Two muftis have said that chatting online, although does not involve any physical interaction, conversations without solid purpose or basis can lead to vice.

Graphic Stuff & Snuff Here:

Just don’t call him a homo:

Syrian Al-Qaeda Leader Captured in Mascara, Lipstick and a Burqa (GWP)


Syrian forces captured a leader of al-Qaeda dresses as a woman. Complete with burqa, makeup and lipstick.
Raymond Ibrahim reported:   At least he looked better than this lovely bride captured in Iraq in 2007.

Dumber Than Dirt

IDIOT RAPPERS Who Traveled to Pyongyang Say Washington Is More Dangerous Than North Korea (GWP)

Rapper Dontray Ennis, AKA ‘Peso’, and Rapper Anthony Bobb, AKA ‘Pacman’, say North Korea is safer than Washington DC.

Trust us, we know best:

Chris Turney now blames warming for trapping penguins in ice, too

Strangely enough, not three years ago we were told that Adelie penguins in Antarctica were actually being killed by too little ice, and, yes, global warming was to blame.


but it’s about to get a lot harder The Federal Government is slowly dismantling the Green rorts promoted under Gillard… it was a very expensive three years. Union heavies may have “gifted” the top job to a known communist crook but she then needed to sleep with the Greens to keep it. The ALP looks back on the marriage with dismay as it now tries to divorce itself from the wreckage of that unholy alliance. Larry Pickering 1034 COMMENTS

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  1. Re: Idiot Rappers say North Korea is safer than Washington.

    Not if you have a disability it isn’t. One of the most horrific comics I ever read is Pyonanyg by Guy Delisle. It’s a non ficiton account of his time working as an animation director in North Korea.

    At one point he finally notices that he hasn’t seen any disabled people and asks his handler about this. The handler replies “there are no handicapped people in North Korea.”

    One of the most chilling sentances I’ve ever read.

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