Polio: The difference between Hindu-majority India and Islam-addled Pakistan

Christina McIntosh

The Difference Summed Up, in One News Story, Between Hindu-Majority India and Muslim-Majority Islam-Addled Pakistan


India is winning the battle on polio; while its neighbour Pakistan goes steadily backwards and sinks steadily downward into ever-deeper misery due to Mohammedan “clerics” who among other things think that polio vaccination is an Infidel plot to harm Muslims (go figure).

News report on ABC’s AM program, South Asia correspondent Michael Edwards reporting.

“India Declares Vaccination Program A Success, Looks to be “Polio-Free” By March”.

Jai Hind! – CM

“India’s government has declared its success in eradicating new cases of polio is a “monumental milestone”.

Yes. Given the logistical difficulties involved, the terrain and the sheer size of India’s population, and the fact that – unlike its equally huge neighbour, China – India is not governed by an authoritarian and totalitarian system , it is a monumental achievement. – CM

‘A massive vaccination program achieved what was once thought impossible – no new polio cases in three years – a result that puts India on the verge of being considered polio-free.

‘India will likely receive its official World Health Organisation (WHO) endorsement as being polio-free in March.

‘Vimla is from a small village in West Bengal but now works as a labourer on a building site in New Delhi.

‘Her 18-month-old son Raju goes with her to work and Vimla lives in fear of him contracting dangerous diseases such as poliio.

“Yes, I have seen those kids who have not been vaccinated for polio.  They have really bad limbs and they are scarred for life”.

‘But children such as Raju now have a brighter future thanks to a massive vaccination project undertaken by the Indian government.

‘Raju was one of millions of children who were given the vaccine that should keep them free of the disease that is usually spread by sewer water and can cause almost instant paralysis.

It should be noted however that polio was not only a disease of poor countries with badly maintained or nonexistent sewerage transport and treatment systems.  In my own parish there is a lady who in the 1950s in a large and prosperous country town in Australia was one of a whole cohort of children stricken down and crippled by polio, despite the plumbing and water supply and domestic hygiene practices in that town being, I am sure, even back then, much better than anything in the average Indian slum or country village. – CM

‘His father, Kumar, is full of praise for the program.

“The polio vaccinations are very important for the kids, for their wellbeing and their health”, he said.

This man and his wife are poor Hindu villagers who have migrated to the big city and are working on a building site.  But – unlike the numbed-by-Islam mohammedans in the villages of Pakistan next door – they are perfectly capable of understanding a public health campaign, and more than willing to participate.  And that is why India is leaving Pakistan behind in the dust. – CM

“The government has done a very good job of making vaccine available to the people so they can get their kids easily vaccinated and so their kids are free of the disease and not disabled.”

‘As recently as 2009 India accounted for more than half the number of polio cases worldwide.

‘To have made such progress over a relatively short period of time is considered to be a huge medical achievement.

‘The WHO representative to India, Dr Nata Menabde, says it is a huge milestone.

And at this point the ABC supplied a little ‘fact box’, with the following pieces of information, namely, 1/ Polio mainly affects young children, 2/ Severe cases of polio can lead to paralysis and death, 3/ The World Health Assembly embarked on a global [polio] eradication program in 1988, 4/ Australia was declared polio-free in 200 and 4/ In 2013 polio was endemic in only three countries – Nigeria, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.  The ABC did not, however, mention the reason why Nigeria (which is about half Muslim), and overwhelmingly-Muslim Pakistan and Afghanistan, remain hotspots of wild polio virus: that is, that Muslim ‘clerics’ in all three countries have ceaselessly railed against the vaccination program, claiming it is all an infidel plot to harm Muslims, and that therefore Muslim sharia assassins have been and still are attacking and murdering the polio vaccination teams. – CM

“We look, say, to 1995 when the eradication program actually started to move, we were having more than 200,000 cases annually in India, so it’s a huge number that we’re talking about”, Dr Menabde said.

And a huge and crippling psychological and economic burden that has just been removed from families, from communities, from the nation as a whole. – CM

‘But India’s success is in marked contrast to its neighbour Pakistan, where there has been a recent spike in infections.

“Angered over (sic: I would say, rather “seizing as their excuse du jour” – CM) the use of an anti-polio campaign to find Osama bin Laden, militants (sic: sharia assassins – CM) have carried out a campaign of killing health workers and preventing hundreds of thousands from getting vaccinated.

The reporter should have done a little fact-checking.  He would have found Muslim “clerics”  not only in Pakistan or in Afghanistan but in far away northern Nigeria railing against polio vaccination – and Muslim sharia assassins doing their bidding and threatening, attacking and murdering vaccination teams – long, long before the hunt for Osama bin Laden began. – CM

‘It has led to a big spike in reported cases and continued vigilance from those involved in anti-polio efforts, such as Dr Menabde.

The thing is: Muslim carriers of live polio virus from northern Nigeria and from Pakistan and Afghanistan go on hajj to Saudi Arabia, and there mingle in crowded and highly insanitary conditions with Muslims from all over the world, some of whom – if they have missed being vaccinated in their homelands – may carry the virus back to their home countries and re-seed it into the environment.  Traces of polio virus have been found in sewage in Egypt and in Israel (where it seems to have come from the Palestinian Arab Muslim communities).  One wonders, too, how many cases of polio Pakistani Muslims travelling to the UK might have unloosed in that country, were not the vast majority of the UK population protected by vaccination; is anyone testing sewage in northern England, I wonder, to see whether traces of ‘wild’ polio virus are starting to turn up there? – CM

We are very vigilant about the risk from Pakistan.  There are a number of vaccination posts which have been set on the border to Pakistan, but not exclusively to Pakistan, also to Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, where all the children who are crossing the border, they are being vaccinated, children under five”, he said.’

And think what that is going to cost.  Especially since into the indefinite future Muslims from Bangladesh and Pakistan will be trying to get into India, whether as illegal immigrants (engaging, in fact, in hegira, the immigration-as-invasion technique long used by Muslims to demographically swamp targeted populations) or as active jihad inciters and raiders such as are commonly active on the border between Pakistan and Kashmir; only a few such that happened to be – or that quite consciously were – polio carriers could function as “plague dogs”, carrying out low-tech biological warfare against India.

Question: is Britain, is any other country that currently – foolishly – accepts Muslim “tourists”, “students”, “businessmen”, “refugees/ asylum seekers” and “immigrants” from Nigeria, Afghanistan, or Pakistan, taking a leaf out of India’s book?

 If persons from these known polio hotspots are to be admitted at all (though it would be better if they were not) then before they are admitted through the gates their immune status must be tested: by infidel doctors, under conditions set up so as to prevent attempted fraud.  If a blood test shows they are carrying polio, they are to be permanently denied entry.  If they have not been immunised against polio (or, for that matter, against a range of other diseases), then they must be excluded; or required to be immunised, and quarantined until a blood test shows that the immunisation has ‘taken’.  If all of this is deemed too expensive and time consuming, then one cuts the Gordian knot: no Muslims from Nigeria, Pakistan or Afghanistan to be admitted into any part of the Lands of the Infidels, period.  Northern Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan do not intend to eradicate polio? – a large part of their population including a significant number of their religious ‘leaders’, insists on attacking the polio vaccinators? – then, that’s their choice, but they should not expect to have unimpeded germ-spreading contact with the rest of the world.  Quarantine them. – CM