Saudi headbanger: It’s fine to kill Muslims if the target is kafirs….

From the Muslim Issue:

The Sheikh proves once more that Muslims have no regard whatsoever to the life of their own people – and even less so for anyone else’s life.

The Sheikh insists  that killing innocent Muslim women and children is okay if the intentions are to kill a kafir. He assures all those killed at al-Muhaya were kafirs (how can he even know that?). The TV host disagrees and says they were all Muslim yet were senselessly killed.

How sick are these people? This statement is in fact against Saudi law and the Sheikh should be punished. We spent last night going through the Saudi Arabian Portal of the General Presidency of Scholarly Research and Ifta’, where the officially sanctioned fatwa’s and their corresponding laws and references are archived. It’s government sanctioned and translated into several languages. If they follow Islamic law as they claim, they should punish this kafir Sheikh for his blasphemous statements.

Nothing to do with Islam:

Iranian held in Anzac Bridge rape case

AN IRANIAN national has been refused bail after being charged with the violent rape of a teenage girl on the Anzac Bridge on Thursday.

Don’t buy food from Muslims:

Dodgy  (or doggy) kebab shop to stop selling food

A MIRANDA kebab shop has been ordered to stop selling food after four of its customers contracted a rare form of gastroenteritis.

NSW Health issued a public health warning this afternoon after four people who bought food from Kenny’s Kebabs at Westfield Miranda were hospitalised for a severe strain of gastro.

Religion of hijackers hijacked again:

Germany to acknowledge and serve its Muslim population  to foster social harmony

Its never the other way ’round:

Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, still stupid after all these years?

Note that the emphasis is on “western countries should do more”


2 thoughts on “Saudi headbanger: It’s fine to kill Muslims if the target is kafirs….”

  1. I know their arrogance wont let them believe in the golden rule but we should teach them the negative side of this rule also, called “karma”,what goes around comes around (plus interest I might add tho they don’t believe in interest).

  2. It’s not against Saudi law – it’s right in the Qur’an and most sahih ahadiths, where randomly attacking people is perfeclty halal, even if it might accidentally injure either or both ‘innocent’ kafir children (because no kafirs, even their children, are ever really to be considered ‘innocent’) and if they are muslims, then allah willed them to die in the attack, so they are his shahids (martyrs) and will enjoy their whouris in his paradise; so, by their own most official rules, it’s win/win for the criminal muslims, and los/lose for their victims!

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