The Foreign Minister of the Czech Republic demands a satisfactory explanation

Do you think he’ll get one?

Host-With-Their-Own Petards “Palestinians” In Prague Asked To Explain

Hugh Fitzgerald

Muslims seize embassies, and keep diplomatic personnel hostage, sometimes for 444 days (see Iran).

Muslims kill Western diplomats. See Khartoum. See Benghazi. See the mutilated corpse of the writer Griboyedov at the Russian Legation in Tehran in 1837.

Muslims use their own  diplomatic buildings as places from which to attack, with impunity, Western forces of order. See the Libyan Embassy in London, and Constable Fletcher.

Muslims store false passports, guns, explosives, in their embassies, for potential and actual use in those countries.

The security services all over the Western world know  this. But they treat these embassies as legitimate diplomatic outposts, not subject to search. Only rarely, because of something spectacular that allows the police to enter, and to search.

And that’s what happened at the “Palestinian” Embassy in Prague last week. An explosion, killing the soi-disant ambassador Jamal al-Jamal, gave the police the opportunity to enter and search, and they found — are you surprised? — about a dozen guns.

We don’t know what was removed before the police arrived. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to search all the mosques and their ’embassies?’

In other news:

A French Convert To Islam Meets His Houris 

His miserable existence, and its end, described here. (Hugh Fitzgerald)

PuffHo  Vomit from Ribal Al-Assad

Understanding and Treating the Cancer of Islamic Extremism

Terminology in this area can be inflammatory, but definitions are important. Islam is a peaceful religion. Islamism is a perverted ideology that imposes conformity with Sharia law. It views violence as an acceptable means to that end.

PuffHo commenters agree:

  • “Extremism in any faith or ideology is problematic…”
  • “The root cause of extremism is not religion but politics and injustice…” (Mohammed Ameen)

These people are dense.

More contradiction of allah and the false prophet at Puff Post thanks to Mullah (pbuh)

Han Peng for China Central Television (CCTV) writes similar garbage  despite of mountains of evidence to the contrary: