The 'Interfaith' Deception

“Children of Abraham”

Video: Andrew Bostom and Robert Spencer on “interfaith dialogue” (JW)

“Interfaith” activities in Islamic countries usually consist of burning churches, temples and murdering non Muslims. Here in the West, Muselmanic deceivers use it to do da’awa, to call people to Islam. For that, they employ absurdities like ‘Abrahamism’. They keep telling us that ‘we all worship the same God’ and similar nonsense while non Muslims in Malaysia are forbidden to even use the word ‘allah’.

Listen to the following discussion between Robert Spencer and Dr Andrew Bostom, you might learn something:

From the ABN Jihad Watch program.

“The cardinal error Christians make in interfaith dialogue is to impute the Golden Rule to Muslims.”
Let’s also remember that rabbis mixed up in interfaith dialogue with Muslims fall into the same trap.
“Since Muslims see this dialogue as ‘verbal jihad’, the rules of war apply to it. Deception is the first rule of warfare.”
A pointed example of how Islamic deception falsely claims that the Golden Rule exists in Islam.
“So the dialogue is per se asymmetrical: the Muslims wish to deceive and the Christians wish to believe what the Muslims say. The Christians in the dialogue are easy targets for Islamic sacralized deception/taqiyya.
This sounds very much like rape or pedophilia: the rapist grooms or sneaks up on the victim, using deception at every turn. The victim is clueless about the danger, believing that the law of reciprocity is still at work.
Therefore, let’s posit that inter-faith dialogue with Muslims is one major way to pave the way to the Rape of the West.