The World Belongs to Allah

Hugh Fitzgerald

Paki Threatens Mass-Murder Of Indians “In Afghanistan” And War With India 

Pakistan Quran Burning Reaction

The hysteria, the crazed conspiracy-view of the world, the attribution to India of the aggressive impulses repeatedly exhibited by the Pakistani Muslims themselves (as both their military attacks on India, and their support for terrorist attacks within India, from Mumbai to the Parliament building in Delhi, reveal), the fear that “the Indians” (Indian and Jewish merchants once ran theAfghan trade in sheepskins, as noted en passant by Byron in inimtable “TheRoad To Oxiana”)– that is, the handful of Indian advisers and aid-workers nowpresent  in Afghanistn — could use Afghanistan as a base from which to attack Pakistan from the northwest — — all these are instructively on display.

Murderous hatred of Hindus, and the insistence that the whole area “belongs to the Muslims” — this too is instructive. You might pass this one on to those you know who are still having trouble grasping the nature of Islam, and its effect on its most self-brainwashed adherents.

The display is here.


Pakistani commentator prays to Allah that Americans leave Afghanistan, so that Muslims can massacre Hindus there

Me thinks the creep is not all that well informed. There are hardly any Hindus left in that awful place.

Longing for the good old days: “It has been a long time since we massacred Hindus in Afghanistan.” But remember: the real problem is Islamophobia!

“Pakistani Commentator Threatens: We Will Slaughter Hindus Following U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan,” from MEMRI, n.d.:(JW)

John L. Allen, Jr. On The Persecution Of Christians

Christians today indisputably are the most persecuted religious body on the planet, and too often their new martyrs suffer in silence.

Obama Administration Regime to Give Muslims More Than $300 Million for Mortgages


The Obama regime  has cleared the way to give more than $300 million to Muslims to buy real estate. A full one third of the funds are even earmarked to be given to those residing and working in the West Bank.

1458648_1435604253334231_1047710242_nThe funds are being made available through an organization known as the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, or OPIC, whose primary business purpose is to help the U.S. invest in emerging markets.

John Kerry, Nobel Seeking Nuisance

Israel’s defence minister has lashed at US Secretary of State John Kerry, saying a security plan he presented is “not worth the paper it was written on,” an Israeli newspaper reported Tuesday. Ya’alon: Kerry Naive, Messianic, And A Nobel-Seeking Nuisance


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  1. RE: Obama Administration Regime to Give Muslims More Than $300 Million for Mortgages.

    Pretty sure this is religious discrimination. Presumably, one of the busy Atheist groups in the US will be suing the governments for religious based government backed loans???

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