Tony BLiar: a hypocrite, a fraud and a tool of Islam

Tony BLiar is the chief engineer of Britain’s Islamisation. He claims he reads the Koran every day. That must be a good thing, no?Tony Blair: Immigration, Multiculturalism and the EU

Britain’s descent into a multicultural abyss where the natives are overruled by the exceedingly out-of-control (and largely Islamic) immigration population is truly worrisome. Much of the blame can be placed on the EU, the UK’s immigration policies and the liberal obsession with multiculturalism. But former PM Tony Blair has been the most fervent advocate of all three.  Furthering the progress of Islam, Blair had a hand in the doubling of Britain’s Muslim population, and the situation is only worsening.

After 18 years in power, the Conservative Party’s popularity waned and Labour, under Tony Blair’s leadership, won the general election with a landslide victory in May 1997. Labour’s election theme tune was “Things Can Only Get Better,” which mirrored what the majority wanted, a ‘change’. So a new Prime Minister in Blair was elected to deliver a ‘better change‘ to Britain. However, along with the other cadres in ‘New Labour’, he permanently transformed the nation, beyond all recognition and negatively.

To be fair, the Conservative Party did warn us!,_New_Danger Source:

To be fair, the Conservative Party did warn us!,_New_Danger Source:

Initial changes to existing unpopular policies were made, and there was no sign of the carnage which would eventually ensue. In 1998, Blair basked in the glory of the ‘Good Friday Agreement’, which ended 30 years of ‘The Troubles’ in Northern Ireland (after years of talks behind the scenes). However the honeymoon period subsided, and in 2003 Blair received the accolade of being voted the “Most hated man in British history.”

UKIP & EU Parliament Member Gerard Batten at Bilderberg Protest

On a Mission?

Blair states he has been a devout Christian since the 1960s and worryingly appears to think his mission in politics is somehow ‘divinely ordained’. He claimed to be a ‘closet Catholic’ since prior to becoming PM and left the Anglican Church to join the Catholic Church in 2007. ‘Cranmer blog’ remarked at the time about Blair’s conversion:

“The wonder is that Rome is prepared to receive him, since he will have to acknowledge publicly the authority of the Church’s teaching and, presumably, repent of much of the vehemently anti-Christian legislation he introduced when he was in power.The man is a hypocrite and a fraud, and the Church of England will be purged by his leaving.”

Blair’s “faith is claimed to have influenced all his key policy decisions and to have given him an unshakeable conviction that he was right.” However Bishop of Rochester, the Most Rev Michael Nazir-Ali, differs:

“A Christian vision underlies all that is important about Britain: its laws, institutions and values. If Blair had been able to relate this vision to his policies, we would have had more constructive social policy at home and principled policies abroad.”

Wealthy: With millions flowing in, Blair has set up a byzantine network of inter-related companies to funnel his vast earnings. Source:

Wealthy: With millions flowing in, Blair has set up a byzantine network of inter-related companies to funnel his vast earnings. Source

Currently on Blair’s website, curiously entitled “The Office of Tony Blair,” is the following uninspiring message from the man himself:

“Globalisation brings us closer together, presenting new challenges and opportunities that we’ve never encountered before. Understanding this new future is the key to our collective destiny. Whether in the Middle East, on faith, Africa, climate change or sport, my focus is devising long-term solutions to some of the world’s most significant problems.”

We are used to this rhetoric now, but in 1997, the qualified barrister came across to many as genuine. In hindsight, it was the acting ability he acquired through his profession that gave him the sincere façade. We know now that Blair was only ever interested in power and money.

Danger! Blair at Work

Blair’s decade as PM was a catastrophe, and it is one of life’s great mysteries that he won three general elections, whilst waging unpopular wars and betraying the British electorate with a ruthless and committed campaign of ‘cultural genocide’. Blair opted for full-throttle globalisation and;

“This warped thinking led to a fanatical embrace of mass immigration to create a diverse Britain. His speechwriter Andrew Neather admitted Blair’s ‘driving political purpose’ was that ‘mass immigration was the way to make Britain truly multi-cultural’ (and to ‘rub the Right’s nose in diversity’). But this strategy, beloved of the snobbish, metropolitan elite, did far more damage to the British working class than did Margaret Thatcher. As annual new foreign arrivals reached 600,000, British workers found it impossible to compete. Living standards plummeted, unemployment soared, and public services came under intolerable strain. In Blair’s ‘boom’ years, more than five million people were on the dole. Blair destroyed working class solidarity through his obsession with diversity. He divided Britain, not Margaret Thatcher. His gigantic experiment in social engineering means many of our own citizens feel aliens in their own land, with white Britons a minority in Leicester, London and Luton.”

Most EU countries put controls on the amount of people allowed to enter from Eastern European countries, but Blair did not put any restrictions at all. Labour estimated 13,000 Poles would come to Britain, but one million eventually came and settled.  Charles Crawford, British Ambassador to Poland in 2004 explains:

“This influx provided a temporary boost to our economy through the advent of cheap, youthful labour. But it imposed a huge burden on our infrastructure, from housing to the welfare state. Worst of all, it has significantly reduced the life prospects of young British people. Good jobs that would have helped them get a start on life’s career ladder have been given to foreigners.”

None of that mattered to Labour who;

“… In the mid-Nineties, concluded that if they could no longer take the support of the white working class for granted, they would have to import a new working class from overseas. Yet they have always denied that the mass immigration unleashed after Tony Blair’s 1997 landslide was a deliberate policy driven by naked political self-interest. Until now, that is. In an extraordinary and unexpected moment of candour, Mandelson himself confessed that Labour ‘sent out search parties’ for immigrants: ‘In 2004, as a Labour government, we were not only welcoming people to come into this country to work, we were sending out search parties for people and encouraging them…’”

This social engineering saw the Muslim population double and was aided by rampant political correctness that encouraged Islam’s influence in our society. Bit late now but Blair currently states ‘there is a problem within Islam,’ but says that ‘education is the answer.’ What does that mean? Is Tony going to confiscate all their Qur’ans? Close the mosques down? Rewrite Islam’s foundational texts?

Prime Minister Tony Blair speaks at a June 2007 conference in London dedicated to educating and training home-grown Muslim imams. Source:

Prime Minister Tony Blair speaks at a June 2007 conference in London dedicated to educating and training home-grown Muslim imams. Source:

Blair is also pro-EU with an undemocratic and frightening fanaticism, which denied giving Brits an EU referendum, wanted Britain to join the Euro currency, pro-Turkey joining the EU and paved the way for the signing of the Lisbon Treaty and effectively the subsequent surrender to the EU super-state. (Nigel Farage of UKIP addresses Tony Blair in this video. Blair’s response reveals arrogance and total detachment from the British electorate.)

An Idiot Abroad

Leo McKinstry explains: “Blair’s justification for his catastrophic foreign policy was his belief in globalisation, where traditional patriotism gives way to liberal concern for the entirety of mankind, devoid of boundaries or national interests.” Blair’s decision-making is reckless, arrogant and narcissistic, which Rod Liddle simply describes as being a “liberal evangelistic belief.”

Blair’s foreign policy is remembered for sending “British forces into action in Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan and twice in Iraq, in his first six years in power, a record of belligerence unmatched by any other prime minister in history. Not one of them directly impinged on any of our national interests.” (It is even rumoured Blair wanted to take military action in Zimbabwe to remove Mugabe.) It takes a lot for Brits to take to the streets, but Blair managed just that with an estimated one million protesting in the Iraq war demo in London.

The main problem with that liberal ideology is that not everyone else has a “liberal concern for the entirety of mankind” in return. Many countries, mainly Islamic, declare us as their enemies and passionately hate our Western values of freedom and democracy, desperately wanting to supplant our culture with Islam. It is this glaringly obvious truth that Blair cannot comprehend and was the downfall in all his foreign policy as PM.

Blair never wanted to speak about his faith when PM because “in truth, it was ‘doing God’ that would have rendered him a nutter, for he was born one. And now that he is a Middle East messiah peace envoy, and he will be hard pressed to resolve anything in that region if he insists on separating politics from religion.”

Blair has no remorse for anything. Source:

Blair has no remorse for anything. Source:

Without properly understand Christian values, let alone Islamic ones, how Blair can be a ‘Middle East peace envoy’ is totally baffling. Particularly after saying “the Middle East needed breaking up and rebuilding, which will take a generation,” and then actively helped destabilise the region. The consequences have seen a mass exodus, discrimination and even slaughter of Christians and other minorities in their homelands.

When Muslims are not killing infidels, they kill other Muslims. Europe is in turn affected by a tsunami of immigrants and asylum seekers fleeing the bloodshed, of which Labour waved thousands into Britain, no questions asked. Britain still pays the price of being flooded with foreign criminals, and thanks to Blair, their human rights make it very hard to deport any of them.

“The ‘intervention’ in Iraq seemed to have been predicated on the liberal evangelistic belief that given the opportunity, everybody would turn out to be sort of New Labour in their thinking, wishing for nothing more than a polite secular democracy.” No mention of the ‘religion of peace’ filling the void. Blair “admitted the Iraq War had made him a hate figure in Britain – and acknowledged it had failed to make the world a safer place and the situation in Iraq was still ‘not nearly what it should be.”

The ‘Iraq Inquiry’, led by Sir John Chilcot, is ongoing. Regardless of this, Blair has no remorse or apologies for his ‘decision’. Try and explain that to Reg Keys, for example, whose son was one of six Red Caps killed by an Iraqi mob in 2003, said he “remained ‘very bitter and angry’ about Mr Blair. ‘As far as I’m concerned he should be dragged in shackles to the International Criminal Court for war crimes,’ he said. ‘We invaded a sovereign country and went against the United Nations.’”

Blair is despised by most Muslims, and his decisions have inadvertently radicalised countless jihadis. Blair reads the Qur’an daily to ‘understand different viewpoints better,’ but clearly this makes his decision-making even more clouded as he cannot understand that Islam is a supremacist, totalitarian ideology, and that it is the opposite to a Western democracy.

Rod Liddle lists some of Blair’s ‘achievements’ as ‘Middle East peace envoy’:

World traveller: Where the former Prime Minister is making money all over the world. Source:

World traveller: Where the former Prime Minister is making money all over the world. Source:

Show Me the Money

Blair is arguably the ultimate champagne socialist who earns fees from speeches and negotiations that are beyond comprehension. His wife Cherie Blair also earns big money as a barrister and they live a lavish lifestyle.

It is not Blair’s riches (an estimated £60-80 million net worth) but his worldview and ability to negatively influence key decisions that will be his ultimate legacy. He consistently makes mistakes in ‘judgment’. For example, he recently ‘advised’ Kazakhstan on how to improve their poor human rights record – and it worsened as a result! Or as if we haven’t got enough concerns about Bulgaria and Romania having their restrictions lifted in 2014, Blair is now currently freelancing himself and is voluntarily advocating for Albania to join the EU! Blair would be amusing if the consequences were not as tragic.

In reality Blair should be charged with treason, based on the carnage he caused. Britain has produced hundreds of jihadis who have joined the fight in Syria; at least thousands of British Muslims support Al Qaeda (though in reality it is millions); most Muslims in the UK hold no allegiance to their country, considering themselves Muslim first and in many cases actually hate Britain; and within 20 years, this unpatriotic, militant Muslim population will overtake Christians as the number one religion in the UK.

Blair’s election theme of “Things Can Only Get Better” could not be further from the truth. He promised to bring about change, and that is one promise he kept. Unfortunately, it is a change we could have done without!

By: Paul Wilkinson

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  1. There is much to say about Blair, but in the spirit of karmic reciprocity one can only hope that his daughter and youngest lad, end up experiencing the ugly face of immigration like so many unfortunate British children of the lower social orders had the misfortune of experiencing.

    Also, thanks to Blair, the lower/middle social orders are not allowed to defend themselves, nor do their families have the luxury of a security force to protect them from the riff raff.

  2. Blair should be charged with treason and all these clowns he imported should be deported…

  3. I’ll second the treason charges against Blair, Stephanie and Veritas.

    However, I would like to add, that all wealth that the Blair’s acquired post 1998, after the Human Rights Act 1998 went into effect, should also be confiscated and redistributed to the families who have been victim of the multicultural “experience”. As they (Blairs) profited off such criminality and the laws were beneficial to them once they became the law of the land. Tony pushed such onerous law into place, than his wife (family) benefited from the law through her law practice. Corruption anyone?

    The pain, suffering and in some cases loss of ingenious victims should be compensated.

    Cherie Blair made a mint off the tax payers defending many of these scumbags and their bogus right to remain in the UK. And in some cases, HR lawyers even defend their right to remain in the UK, after they deliberately killed or raped a British citizen and committed acts of conspiracy by covering up the crime.

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