Yussuf, you Jew!

Thanks to the Elder:

Latest Muslim leader accused of being a secret Jew is a good one

If you want to insult your opponent in the Muslim world, you can’t do better than to call him a Jew – or worse than a Jew.We’ve already seen Muslim Brotherhood supporters claiming that Egypt’s al-Sisi is Jewish, and we’ve seen Sisi’s supporters saying that the original founder of the Muslim Brotherhood was Jewish.

We’ve seen Shiites accused of being worse than Jews, secularists accused of being worse than Jews. and Islamists accused of being worse than Jews.

So who’s left?
Why, it is our favourite antisemite and popular TV preacher, Sheikh Yussuf Qaradawi!

According to a pro-Shiite newspaper, “research” has shown that Qaradawi’s family came from an area where

Jews of the Bani Qurayza tribe had fled from Arabia to Egypt. His grandfather practiced usury, just like the Jews, and gouged farmers with high interest loans. He would confer with Jewish rabbis on how to do his immoral money lending business. In other words, while they don’t want to say it explicitly, Qaradawi is of obvious Jewish descent!
Qaradawi had called for jihad against Syria and Hezbollah, which pretty much explains this whole accusation.
Meanwhile, back in Egypt, the military gov’t hits the MuBro’s where it hurts the most:

Egypt seizes assets of over 500 Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic supremacist leaders

Beblawi.jpgHazem el-Beblawi

The Brotherhood will survive this crackdown because it will continue to gain adherents by claiming Islamic authenticity.

“Egypt seizes Brotherhood, Islamist leaders’ assets,” by Maggie Michael for the Associated Press, December 31, 2013 (thanks to all who sent this in):

CAIRO (AP) — Egypt’s interim government has ordered the assets of more than 500 Muslim Brotherhood and Islamist leaders seized – including those of the country’s ousted president — as part of an ever-tightening crackdown on the group, senior judicial and security officials said Tuesday.

Couldn’t happen to nicer people!

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  1. didnt Obama give them a lot of cash awhile back? im sure they sent it off shore bank by now.

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