Egypt: Sinai tourist bus explodes, three dead, 27 wounded


Muslim Brotherhood crows that three “Zionist tourists” killed in Sinai

Brotherhood official Twitter account (Arabic of course): 3 Zionists were killed in the Taba tourist bus explosion. — The Big Pharaoh (@TheBigPharaoh) February 16, 2014   Such lovely people, the Ikhwan.–Continue Reading »

UPDATE: The explosion appears to have been caused by a “device” placed on the bus — hence the murderous attack is almost certainly the work of the warriors of Allah: MOI: 3 Koreans killed, 14 injured. 32 passengers. device was already on bus coming from St Catherine. Went off during a drop off at Hilton —Continue Reading »


Egypt refuses to allow Israeli ambulances to aid at site of Sinai tourist bus bombing

ambulances-598x300#PHOTO: Israeli ambulances await at the border with #Egypt after being refused entry by Egypt: (via @cairotoday) — Egyptian Streets (@EgyptianStreets) February 16, 2014 Islamic antisemitism trumps all humanitarian concerns. And if you think there is something wrong with those priorities, then you’re obviously a bigoted, hatemongering Islamophobe. It is much better that people […]  Continue Reading »
Egypt: Islamic supremacist groups planned to attack synagogues

Egypt: Islamic supremacist groups planned to attack synagogues

Feb 15, 2014

These synagogues are not active, but are preserved as Egyptian heritage sites. However, given the virulence of Islamic antisemitism, the visceral hatred against those whom the Qur’an designates as “the most intense of the people in animosity toward the believers” (5:82), they’re still targets for Islamic jihadists. “‘Islamist groups planned to attack Egyptian synagogues,’” —Continue Reading »