Fanatics & Extremists in Sochi (but not enough mosques)


The Russian authorities have made no room for a mosque for Sochi’s 20,000 Muslim residents, claiming that there was already a mosque nearby… (50 miles away)

Toothpaste Terror in Sochi?

muhammadent toothpaste tube

(Islamic) Terrorists may be plotting to bring down airliners heading for the Sochi Olympics using explosives hidden inside toothpaste tubes, US intelligence has warned.– From the Telegraph

article-2552626-1B370E4A00000578-644_634x632‘You only die once why not make it martyrdom’—Rayat Al-Tawheed

Fanatics in Syria vow to bring terror home to UK: Terrorists say they will attack public transport and financial centres

  • Extremists warn of atrocities on London’s transport and the White House
  • Said to be first direct threats of terror strikes in West to emerge from Syria
  • Hundreds of Britons are among foreign fighters in jihadist rebel groups
  • Al Qaeda is ‘setting up training camps in Syria to school foreign recruits’
  • British jihadist faction in Syria, Rayat Al-Tawheed, issues series of threats

2014241951115734_20A group of “Britons” waging jihad in Syria have threatened to carry out terror attacks in the UK.–Read more: Daily Mail

Train Explodes (just like that, nothing to do with Islam…)


A train carrying gas containers explodes as it travels through Russia sparking a terror attacks a day before the Sochi Olympics

Talks are still ongoing to establish a mosque in Sochi, but doubt is being cast as many mosque projects that were approved in other cities were scrapped after public protests. The capital city Moscow has been a hotspot for protests, where the city’s two million Muslims are forced to make do with just four mosques.  (cry me a river!)

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