Feminism can save France from Islam?

Feminism can save France from Islam: that’s the real message of Majorité Opprimée

I don’t know what can save France. But sure as hell it won’t be feminism. And the scribblers from the Grunard, who could be bothered to save them?

The gender role reversal video purports to target sexism and homophobia. But its essence is class bigotry, racism and misogyny.

Majorité Opprimée, the short film directed by Eléonore Pourriat that has now gone viral

Sexism and homophobia in modern culture is like a “black tide”, according to Eléonore Pourriat, the director of the short film Majorité Opprimée, which went viral this week. The 10-minute video explores life as it might be for men if gender roles were reversed.

Much of this is instantly recognisable. In the film, Pierre – a middle-class French man – is patronised, sexually harassed and belittled by women. However, this is familiar to the point of potentially being quite cliched. On its own, it is unlikely that such material would have made the film go viral, and result in being acclaimed as “Swiftian”. But the emotional core of the film. The essence of the film, what makes it really compelling viewing, is its class bigotry, racism and – ironically – palpable misogyny. These are the real contents of the “black tide” of which Pourriat speaks. (Read it all)


2 thoughts on “Feminism can save France from Islam?”

  1. This comment under the Guardian article was terrific:
    “It’s an artistic attempt to create a self sustaining Guardian ourobouros of privilege and oppression. Are you against misogyny? Well, that’s only because you hate Islamic attitudes to women, you racist. Support a respectful attitude to other cultures which promote medieval family values? Well, that means you must hate women because you simply don’t care about the plight of women who aren’t like you, because they’re of a “lower class” than you, or a different race, you classist snobby, misogynistic racist. Oh, you do care deeply about the unfair way working class, ethnic minority women are treated? Well thank you mighty white saviour, you patronising, racist, misogynistic, snobby, privileged islamophobe. So now you’re telling me you don’t care about any of these things and you don’t agree with highlighting any of them? You utter misogynist, why do you hate women so much?

    Professional, vicarious victimhood has eaten itself.”

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