Gillian Triggs, Enemy of Australia

Gillian Triggs is aiding and abetting the invasion of Australia by Muslim soldiers. Her subversive activities are nothing short of treason. Australia has enough useful idiots already, this cow should be put out to pasture:


Human Rights Commission silent when boat policies fail, outraged when they don’t

Andrew Bolt

In six years of Labor Government, the Human Rights Commission held just one inquiry into the policies which had lured 50,000 boat people to Australia, drowned at least 1100 of them, crammed our detention centres to overflowing and had thousands of boat people released into the community without proper vetting or permission to work. And that inquiry was into only the jailing of the younger people smugglers:

The outgoing President of the Australian Human Rights Commission, Catherine Branson QC, recently completed an Inquiry into the treatment of individuals suspected of people smuggling offences who say that they are children.

Not six months into the Abbott Government, and the Human Rights Commission is already holding one inquiry and now demanding a second into policies that have stopped the boats, stopped the drownings and cut the number of detainees. Following the riot and death on Manus Island:

The president of the Human Rights Commission, Professor Gillian Triggs, said Australia was not upholding its international responsibility to asylum seekers, and also called for an inquiry.

 Marty Natalegawa vs “the values of humanity”

ALeqM5gyupIYTa4mSHZ3IZ-lo6beXXPTBgUS Secretary of State John Kerry (L) speaks during a news conference with Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa at the Pancasila in Jakarta on February 17, 2014

Natalegawa fools the ABC again

Andrew Bolt

Indonesian foreign minister Marty Natalegawa is a blowhard who seems to be getting off on the eagerness of the ABC and Fairfax to report his every attack on the Abbott Government’s attempts to stop Indonesians from smuggling illegal immigrants to our shores. Take last week:

Dr Natalegawa told reporters Indonesia does what it can to stop boats leaving the country and that Australia’s actions are “against the values of humanity”.

He says he will inform US secretary of state John Kerry – who will visit Jakarta next week – about Australia’s actions and let officials draw their own conclusions.

“There is no need to ask; we only need to inform it, and let America draw its own conclusion,” he said.

Bait swallowed. ABC Insiders on Sunday: (read it all)

Human Rights Commission boss Gillian Triggs blocked from visiting Nauru

The Abbott government has blocked a bid by the president of the Australian Human Rights Commission, Gillian Triggs, to visit child asylum seekers sent to Nauru under its ”stop the boats” policy.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison wrote to Professor Triggs late last month denying her request to visit the island detention centre on the grounds that the commission’s jurisdiction did not extend beyond Australia’s borders.


New asylum seeker campaign ‘distasteful’ and ’embarrassing’

The shtick of the ‘compassionate’ fools:

Asylum campaign ‘horrific’

Human rights activists have slammed the latest campaign by Immigration managed websites as being distasteful and embarrassing to Australia.12/02/14

Pig Eating Cannibals vs Islamic Headbanger, The Work of KRudd

Rudd’s concept of resettling processed “refugees” from Manus Island to Port Moresby was his parting moment of sheer lunacy, but if you throw enough money at PM O’Neill, anything is possible.

“Pickering Post” reported last October that, “It (Rudd’s PNG Solution) will create an insoluble civil war to our north between Islamic refugees, and jealously indigenous tribal gangs of savage head-hunting, pig-loving cannibals whose only law is a bush knife, payback, voodoo, and black magic.”

There has never been two more incompatible cultures on earth than that of a New Guinean and an Islamist. And they should never be settled in the same country, let alone on the same island. 

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  1. “…Dr Natalegawa told reporters Indonesia does what it can to stop boats leaving the country..”

    Really? Does it do what it can at its ports of entry when it sees groups of middle eastern ‘tourists’ come through? Does it stop them and question their motives and ultimate destination – like many governments do when suspicion is aroused as to a non-citizens intentions?

    Any proof anywhere that Indonesia is doing anything at all other than aid and abet flooding Australia with uneducated muslims to do their part in creating the hoped-for (by muslims alone) future ‘caliphate’?

  2. Labor’s policy of dumping a problem created by the Liberals (under he who lost his pants in Memphis) onto Melanisian New Guinea was a disgrace given the evidence of genocide being conducted by Islamic Indonesia against the Melanisians in West Papua.

  3. Mohammed: Natalegawa is a muslim who takes his religious obligation seriously. That obligation includes ‘hijra’, migration to infidel lands, to make them Islamic.

    Tom, I love that ‘long pig’ idea.

    Bronson: was it Memphis? I thought is was NYC!

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