Islamisation of EUrabia Too Slow?

UK: Muslims who terrorized non-Muslims in “Muslim Patrols” can agitate for Sharia again in 2019…

This has to be one of the stupidest rulings a court has ever issued, even in Insane Britannia. These three Muslims who terrorized passersby into being Sharia-compliant cannot distribute material about Sharia in public, even outside a mosque (gasp!), for five years. That’s it! So apparently it is just fine if they start agitating to […jihadwatch]   Continue Reading »


“The new common European asylum system has missed its targets….”

FinderScreenSnapz001Multiculturalism has encouraged a new type of immigrant who shares our wealth but not our values

Right-wing Freedom Party is Netherland’s largest political force, says poll

eurabia-a-voice-cries-out-in-defense-of-europes-heritage.jpg.crop_displayJust over three months from the European elections, a major new poll in the Netherlands shows that Geert Wilders’ right-wing Freedom Party is now the country’s largest political party – and would be in a strong position to form a government if an election were held tomorrow.–Geert Wilder’s party would now be in strong position to form government

Spain shuts border crossing to avert Syrian migrants

Promptly, the EUSSR machine starts sputtering:

Cecilia Malmstrom tweeted that she was “very concerned about Spanish border police using rubber bullets to deter migrants.”

Obama White House  U.S. Still Declares Support for Muslim Brotherhood

obama-muslim-brotherhood-racists-300x269The American people DO NOT support Obama’s MuBro’s, Obama supports them. 


 Networks Yawn at Claim of ‘Significant Decline’ in Press Freedom in U.S. Under Obama

HuffPo Blog: Valentine’s Day Spurs Overpopulation, Global Warming

Idaho Muslim Police Officer Kicks, Shoots and Kills a Disabled Man’s Service Dog - 

Hostility to dogs is deeply ingrained in Muslim culture. Muhammad said that a dog passing in front of a man who was praying would invalidate his prayer (so would a woman passing in front of him, which is why women pray behind men at mosques). Other hadiths depict him ordering all dogs killed except hunting dogs. So this Muslim police officer’s actions were consistent with Islamic culture, but reprehensible in American culture. This cop gives the lie to the multicultural idea that American can allow mass immigration of Muslims without any consequences. – See more at Pamela Geller