Majority of Americans Reject Myth of “Man-Made Global Warming”

Don’t tell Hussein Obama. Or his deluded sidekick John Kerry.

Daniel Greenfield

Majority of Americans Reject Myth of “Man-Made Global Warming”

More conservatives than liberals know that the earth revolves around the sun, that astrology isn’t real and that neither is man-made Global Warming.

In a new poll, the majority of Americans sensibly rejected the man-made Global Warming hoax, while only 46% continued to believe in the discredited theory.

Democrats, who in another poll were shown as 20% less likely than Republicans to know that the earth revolves around the sun, were also credulous enough to believe in man-made Global Warming by 66% to 25%.

An earlier poll had also shown that 49% of Democrats believed that astrology was scientific and only 48% knew that the earth revolves around the sun.


Written by John O’Sullivan

Massive counterclaims, in excess of $10 million, have just been filed against climate scientist Michael Mann after lawyers affirmed that the former golden boy of global warming alarmism had sensationally failed in his exasperating three-year bid to sue skeptic Canadian climatologist, Tim Ball. Door now wide open for criminal investigation into Climategate conspiracy. (More)

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  1. he who would trade freedom, independence for (climate) security,deserves neither!

  2. The claim that “Michael Mann faces Bankruptcy as his Courtroom Climate Capers Collapse” was just more nonsense posted on a pseudo-science blog co-founded by out-of-work part-time high-school art teacher John O’Sullivan.

    John O’Sullivan has written numerous malicious and misleading articles attacking Michael Mann. He also pretends to be a party to the Mann v Ball case, another claim that has been refuted recently by Michael Mann’s lawyer Roger McConchie. Making misleading claims is something that John O’Sullivan indulges in persistently so let’s go some way towards setting the record straight about this.

    Self-aggrandising John O’Sullivan has posted some very impressive profiles of himself on various web-sites (e.g., and but it is prudent to never accepted on face value any of his claims. He frequently boasts about the cobbled collection of blog articles that he co-ordinated and had published under the title “Slaying the Sky dragon .. ”. Rather than taking the scientific world by storm it has been scorned not only by supporters of the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change (CACC) hypothesis but even by respected scientists and others who reject the hypothesis.

    John O’Sullivan claims to be “ .. an accredited academic .. taught and lectured for over twenty years at schools and colleges in the east of England .. ”. For a long time he was claiming in his LinkedIN profile to have been a ” .. Lecturer University of Northampton .. September 1987 – August 1999 (12 years) .. ” but when the University was notified of that claim by a retired American investigative journalist in Nov. 2012 it quickly responded that ” .. the University has no record of a Mr John A. O’Sullivan being employed by the University .. ” ( Appendix A, Note 9 and Notes 4 and 4a). Shortly afterwards John O’Sullivan changed the entry in his LinkedIN profile to simply read “Nene College (University of Northampton) Lecturer”. It is possible that rather than being a lecturer at the University of Northampton for 13 years as he originally claimed he may have done some evening lecturing of further education art students at Nene College about 20 miles away from where he worked as an art teacher during 1992/3.

    What John O’Sullivan refers to as his 20-year teaching/lecturing career appears to have been a somewhat patchy career teaching art to high-school students until that came to an abrupt end in 2003. He was suspended following allegations by a 16-year-old friend of his step-daughter, for which he was tried but acquitted in Feb, 2004. When challenged he confirmed this in E-mail exchanges that took place on 11th and 12th December 2011 ( He appears now to be little more than an out-of-work high school art teacher spending his waking hours writing articles for his blog.

    John O’Sullivan’s claim to have been “ .. successfully litigating for over a decade in the New York State courts and U.S. federal 2nd circuit .. ” appears to refer to the lay assistance that he gave to his second wife as she pursued her own pro-se action, which ended in a dismissal of her claims. He also gave lay assistance to Thomas Neveu, the close associate of the PSI blog web-master Thomas Richard American who was also pursuing a pro-se defence against a copyright claim (see Appendix A, Note 5 of

    John O’Sullivan claims that he “ .. has acted as consultant to, and is a close colleague of, Canada’s most prominent climatologist, Dr. Tim Ball, who is currently defending libel suits in the British Columbia Supreme Court against fellow climate researchers, Dr. Michael Mann and Dr. Andrew Weaver .. ” is just as questionable.. His “close colleague” Tim Ball said on 27th April 2012 “ .. I legally disassociated myself from O’Sullivan very early and though he provided commentary he never acted as legal counsel .. ” (see E-mail of 23rd Aug 2012).

    Recently I have posted several home-truths on his PSI blog but most have now been deleted by his blog moderator. Openness and honesty about the PSI blog owner seem to be unwelcome there.

    Following one of my revealing comments on his Feb. 2014 article “Mann v Ball Case hit by Fatal Technicality” (, another of his many malicious attacks on Dr. Michael Mann, John O’Sullivan commented (#29) “ .. For anyone wanting further proof Ridley is a pyscho, simply Google: peter ridley cyberstalker .. ”.

    I have a much more worthwhile suggestion. For anyone wanting further proof that John O’Sullivan is a liar google “John O’Sullivan” and “Liar” which will produce links to articles such as:
    – July 2012 “John O’Sullivan, master manipulator – A Closer Look” (

    and last but by no means least

    – “Curriculum Vitae for John O’Sullivan (2010)” (
    As I quote at the start of that article “The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.” Winston Churchill (

    John O’Sullivan adopted the fancy name “Principia Scientific International” for his blog and gave himself and his co-founders fancy titles, e.g. “CEO and Legal Consultant” for himself, “Chairman” for Tim Ball and “CFO” for his buddy Johannes Cornelis Schreuder. Oh, I mustn’t forget the Rev. Philip Foster, PSI’s “Compliance Officer”, who apparently knew nothing about his appointment!! Others were referred to as “Director”, even though at least one of them, Dr. Charles Anderson, had no idea that he had been appointed to the PSI “Board”.

    John O’Sullivan can delete my comments from his blog as much as he likes but the skeletons in the dark recesses of his cupboard have been caught in the brilliant spotlight of truth. He can huff and puff all that he wants but facts are facts!!

    Pete Ridley

    BTW, I too reject the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change (CACC) hypothesis as nothing more than propaganda by individuals and organisations who are using it in order to pursue other agenda having nothing to do with taking over Nature’s job of controlling those different global climates.

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