Muselmaniacs to rule over Germans?

Bizarre. Just bizarre. Is there one Islamic country anywhere in the world that would allow a German to participate in their political system? Let me know, people. I’m really curious!

Muslim cleric who called on Muslims to “sever limbs for the sake of Allah” calls Valentine’s Day “immoral”

I love these morons. At least they tell the truth about Islam.

Muhammad al-Arifi has said: “Devotion to jihad for the sake of Allah, and the desire to shed blood, to smash skulls, and to sever limbs for the sake of Allah and in defense of His religion, is, undoubtedly, an honor for the believer. Allah said that if a man fights the infidels, the infidels will be unable to prepare to fight.” So? He has his priorities and you have yours, kaffir! Who are you to judge? After all, last year, the British government let al-Arifi into the country while banning Pamela Geller and me — so clearly, wanting to smash Infidel skulls and hating Valentine’s Day is just fine in Britain today, but working for the freedom of speech and equality of rights of all people before the law is not. They want to guard against spreading hate, doncha know!

“Valentine’s Day is ‘immoral,’ says Saudi cleric,” from Al Arabiya, February 14:

Are you defying your faith by celebrating Valentines’ Day?

According to controversial Saudi cleric Sheikh Mohammad al-Arifi, embracing the romantic occasion makes Muslims “resemble those who are immoral.”

The cleric, who last year called on Muslim youth to join the jihad (holy war) in Syria, while spending his holidays in European countries, added that “TV channels and other media outlets shouldn’t be promoting Valentine’s Day in any way,” Arifi wrote on his Twitter account on Wednesday.

Arifi is infamous for a number of outrageous views and fatwas, this includes advising young girls not to wear revealing clothes in the presence of their fathers to avoid seduction and calling for a boycott of Al Arabiya’s sister kids channel, MBC 3, after claiming that cartoons corrupt children.

Valentine‘s Day has long been a contentious issue to many conservatives in the kingdom.

In previous years, the country’s religious police or the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice religious police – known locally as the “Hay’aah” – have raided floral shops selling red flowers on the occasion.

Will this year be any different?

Religious police chief Abdullatif al-Sheikh denied that the Religious Police had ordered the closure of shops – although he did not specifically mention floral shops – on Valentine’s Day.

“This is not our specialty… we are against what violates the Quran and the teachings of the Prophet,” Sheikh said in an interview to a Saudi newspaper al-Jazirah on Wednesday.

Internet search giant Google, which displayed a pumping heart for international viewers for its “Google doodle,” kept its Saudi-based homepage without any decoration, signaling the kingdom’s desire to shun the occasion….  (Comments)

6 thoughts on “Muselmaniacs to rule over Germans?”

  1. Yes, its unhinged shiite propaganda. But regardless, it shows how jubilant and triumphalist they are when one or some of them achieve something behind what they consider to be enemy lines.

  2. Mohammedans have comprehended that Germany, due to its untreated Hitler complex, is the easiest target in Europe, so therefore they focus on it. Consider it an added bonus that it also is the most powerful nation there.

  3. Actually, the Germans are waking up – and when they start rolling against the mohammedan scum the mohammedans will become an endangered species. The press is very left wing and it censors reports on mohammedan behaviour – this has included more that numereous sexual assaults against both women and men, wilfull destruction of churches and other public buildings , orgaized theft in gangs, murder, and rioting on a large scale. The positive contributions muslims have made to Europe are very little, and are overwhelmed by their negative contributions. Two months ago a muslim creep in an expensive car verbally threatened and abused a cyclist in a small German town for no apparent reason. The cyclist simply ignored the mulin pig (an apology to pigs for the comparison – it is totally undeserved) but the muslim was photographed, cataloged and the muslim thug is now under observation – if it puts a foot wrong again …… This is what you folks need to be doing – observe, record and catalogue – examine the data for
    trends and then either hand the data over to the police, or if the police cant be trusted (and only then) take matter into the communities hands. Do not doubt that we are now in a war with these ratbags!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Re: “Is there one Islamic country anywhere in the world that would allow a German to participate in their political system? Let me know, people. I’m really curious!”

    YES – EGYPT.

    Egyptians LOVE & highly respect Germans (prolly because of Hitler)!

    I can easily see them taking advice from/putting a neo-nazi into power over there, and the claiming “multi-cultural inter-faith diversity,” too!

    1. I am not aware of any neo-Nazis in any position of power in Egypt. Some Nazis sought and found refuge in Egypt (but also in Syria and Iraq) after WWII, but none of them ever achieved a position of power in those governments, even though some of them converted to Islam.

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